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Replacement Windows

earth sense energy systems stands out
from the rest of the industry with guarantee protection!

Earth Sense offers several styles and levels of quality for replacement window options. Double hung, bays, bows, casements, sliders and awning options are available for virtually any application. All options are available in our 5 levels of superior quality vinyl. We offer white, beige or wood-grain finish on the inside, and multiple colors for the outside of the windows. All of our window lines offer features for easy cleaning; additionally we offer grid options in the glass that are easy to clean and maintain. Our trained consultants will walk you through the planning process ensuring that together we meet your goals and expectations.

offering all 5 levels of window quality

1. builders econoline

Double Pane

• Clear Glass

• Metal Spacer

• Hollow Vinyl Frame

• White or Beige Only

• The ideal product for garages & rental type projects.

• Double Hung, Slider & Fixed Styles ONLY

2. builders intermediate

• Double Pane

• High Quality Spacer

• Multiple Color & Grain Wood Options

• Low-e/Argon

• Hollow Vinyl Frame

• A high performance double pane
   for the budget minded customer

4. smart choice

• Triple Pane

• High Quality Spacer

• Double Low-e/Argon

• Multiple Color & Grain Wood Options

• An exceptional glass package with the unmatched strength 

    & efficiency of a vinyl frame

3. builders pro

• Double Pane

• High Quality Spacer

• Multiple Color & Grain Wood Options

• Low-e/Argon

• Foam Filled Vinyl Frame

• Outstanding quality offering increased efficiency & sound

    deadening with double pane glass & foam filled frame

• Top performing vinyl product  

5. ultimate

• Triple Pane

• High Quality Spacer

•K-Beam™ Reinforcement

• Double Low-e/Argon

• Multiple Color & Grain Wood Options

• It simply does not get any better! The pinnacle of strength

    & efficiency in replacement windows

For decades double-hung windows have been the style of choice in homes across the U.S.. Today this classic window remains the standard for the vast majority of replacement window projects. While the appearance of double-hung  windows has not changed dramatically over the years, their construction durability and energy efficiency has.

there are
4 main
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Affordability: You can have the best window, but if you can’t afford it, it doesn’t do you much good. When considering replacement window options look at the initial investment and the efficiency of the window to calculate future cost savings in energy usage.

Frame: You need a strong frame in order to support the glass. If you are going through the effort of replacing the windows now, make sure your investment is going to last. Consider reinforced vinyl products for strength and life long quality.

Glass: 80% of a window is glass. The quality of the glass package you select is going to have the largest impact on the overall efficiency of the window.

Installation: No matter how good the windows and doors are, if not installed correctly, you may still have drafts and where does that leave you?

1 year low price protection & Lifetime workmanship
Low payment & Low Interest finance options

all about the details

Earth Sense has your back from...

• Rotten wood replaced.*

• Windows insulated with foam.

• Windows wrapped with no-mar high quality aluminum.

• Windows caulked and completed.


points of air infiltration

Less expensive, poorly designed windows don’t have the built-in air locks, weather stripping, and barriers necessary to keep air from forcing its way in. Without these design features, air will push between the sash meeting rails and around the sash perimeter where it meets the frame and sill.

We know how uncomfortable a home with leaky windows can be. So we loaded the Pro window with weather barriers that go far beyond the industry standard and other manufacturer’s window designs.

Poorly designed windows can leak air in many places. ESES windows excel in minimizing air infiltration by incorporating innovative sill and sash design and top-of-the-line weather-stripping.

Compare ESES’s Air Infiltration performance numbers below with all other competitors in the industry. You will find that our window designs out perform in all cases.

*Some additional charges may apply based on the severity of rot/replacement

* INDUSTRY STANDARD: AAMA® (American Architectural Manufacturers Association®) has set the Industry Standard for Maximum Allowable Air Infiltration at 0.30 CFM (Cubic feet per minute) 

during a 25 MPH wind. This is equal to 2.25 gallons of air leaking through the window every minute! ** References valid as of October 1, 2010 based on our competitor’s web sited and independent testing. 

At the time of printing; The offerings, numbers and comparisons ESES used were believed to be accurate with our information and sources, and ESES is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or changes.*

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