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Need a replacement wood, gas, coal, or pellet stove part? If you own an Ashley, Napoleon, Harman, Lennox, or Breckwell stove and have a part that’s failed, browse our online stock to find the replacement part you need. We also provide plenty of stove accessories to go along with your purchase of your wood or pellet stove. For more than three decades, Earth Sense Energy Systems has been proudly providing quality stove parts and other heating products for our valued customers. We always strive for the best when it comes to wood and pellet stove parts.

Have questions about your stove parts? Our team can help! Simply give us a call at (800) 236-6647 today.

Quality Wood & Pellet Stove Parts from Trusted Industry Brands

We are fully committed to quality, exceptional service, and the stove parts we stock reflect that commitment we have to you. As a result, we carry parts from some of pellet, coal, gas, and wood stove's best brands.

Our stove accessories and parts include brands like Ashley, Napoleon, Englander, Buck, Enviro, Harman, Jamestown, and more. If you need a replacement board switch sensor, igniter, gasket, auger feed motor, blower, firepot scraper, or even paint or cleaning products, you should be able to to find what you're looking for. Even if you still can't find what you need, be sure to reach out to us and we can assist you further.

Pellet Stove Parts

Pellet stove parts from top industry brands like Harman, Ashley, and Bosca, and will include accessories, cleaning products, and plenty of critical replacement parts like igniters, blowers, feed motors, and circuit board control panels. Take a look at all our pellet stove brands on this page.

Pellet stove repair kits will come with all the essential parts you need in case there is an emergency. Stove parts for your pellet stove will likely include a control board, gasket, silicone sealant, bearing oil, a combustion blower, and screws/nuts. Check our pellet stove part categories frequently as we will be adding more products to each line.

If you are new to the pellet stove world, take a look at how to pick a pellet stove to find the best solution for your home or cabin's needs.

Coal/Wood Stove Parts

Perhaps you've always been a fan of a wood or coal stove. These beautiful stoves can warm up a cabin, living room, or basement and provide the warmth you need for your home all throughout the cold winter season of the Midwest. With plenty of use each winter, every now and then, you'll likely have to replace the stove part, so please browse through our selection of Breckwell, Buck, Enviro, Harman, Napoleon, Travis, and Vermont Castings coal and wood stove parts.

Whether you need a simple accessory with your purchase of a coal or wood stove, or you need an emergency replacement part as soon as possible, our team has you covered! Browse our online store for replacement wood stove parts like probe thermometers, gasket seals, air distributors, door handles, and more.

Are you a brand new wood or pellet stove owner? You may want to better understand the difference between the two of them and the benefits of each. Read more here for pellet and wood stoves and which is best for heating your home.

Why Earth Sense for Your Stove Parts?

Ever since Uncle Jed first started the business in 1991, Earth Sense Energy Systems has been committed to providing quality products for the alternative heating industry. Our first retail store opened its doors in 1996, and we since have become a renown source for pellets, pellet stoves, pellet grills, and replacement parts. To date, Earth Sense has four company locations and now over a dozen resellers. It's our pleasure to serve customers by providing pellets, troubleshooting pellet and wood stoves, and even selling replacement stove parts.

Need a replacement stove part and you can't find what you're looking for on this page? Give our team a call today at (800) 236-6647 or contact us here.