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Winrich Dynasty and Perfecta pellet stove blowers and motors. There are 3 motors used in Winrich pellet stoves; the auger motor, combustion blower, and convection fan. We offer sealed bearing replacements for each of these motors all backed by a full 1 year warranty with our Pellethead tech support.

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Winrich pellet stoves have a tried and true feed system that uses an auger driven by an electrical motor to draw pellets from the bottom of the pellet hopper up to the drop chute. The drop chute allows the pellets to drop into the firepot to be burned. Both the Winrich Dynasty and Perfecta will use a 1 RPM clockwise rotation auger feed motor. If your Winrich stove is not feeding pellets, it could be a motor failure, auger jam, snap disc, or pressure switch issue due to air loss, air blockage, or a faulty switch. One of the best ways to determine if your auger motor is working correctly is to run it to direct power with a test cord. For creating a test cord or if you are replacing your fuel feed motor, watch our general guide videos below.

For the Winrich combustion blower we offer the complete assembly as well as motor kit options. The combustion blower is also known as the exhaust fan or draft motor. This motor pulls combustion air through the burnpot, up past the heat exchange tubes, forcing the exhaust out of the vent pipe. As combustion motors become weak, you may notice a lazy inefficient fire, excessive noise, heavy soot, or smoke in the room. If the combustion blower is not operating correctly it can prevent the vacuum switch from closing not allowing your auger motor to operate. Be sure to thoroughly clean your combustion blower, exhaust manifold, and vent pipe on a regular basis to prevent strain on the motor bearings. If you are looking at purchasing one of the motor kits, please see our video below for installation instructions.

The Winrich Dynasty and Perfecta convection blower is often referred to as the distribution fan or room-air blower motor. The Winrich convection blower is what distributes the heat into your home by forcing air through the heat exchange tubes in the stove. It's important to regularly clean your convection fan from accumulated dust and debris on the motor windings and squirrel cage fan impeller wheel. Pulling the fan out and using compressed air is an excellent way to thoroughly clean this blower. If that's not an option, you can use a dry paint brush and vacuum cleaner. The cleaner we keep the convection fan, the more CFM output we gain along with increased longevity of the motor. If you need to replace your convection fan see our general guide video below.

All of our Winrich motor replacements come with a full 1-year warranty and are backed by Pellethead tech support. Have a Question? Please Contact Us.