PSG pellet stove replacement parts. The PSG line of pellet stoves and replacement parts are manufactured under SBI. We offer replacement auger motors, limit switches, gaskets, burnpot scraper tools, and vacuum switches for PSG models.

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We currently offer a small selection of replacement parts for PSG Caddy Alterna Furnace, Caddy Alterna II, Cobra, and Legend pellet stove models. The Cobra and Legend will use a 1 RPM auger feed motor which churns fuel up the auger shaft and drops the pellet fuel into the burnpot. As our auger motor starts to wear we will often notice abnormal noises during operation, frequent auger jams, and inconsistency with fuel delivery. Learn how to test your auger motor to direct power and general installation guidance in our videos below.

Safety sensors and switches in PSG pellet stoves will include the vacuum/pressure switch, high limit switch, and ceramic low limit switch. Each of these switches are safety sensors and will shut down the auger motor if they are tripped or faulty. Learn more about these switches and common troubleshooting by watching our videos below.

Currently for gaskets we only offer the glass gasket seal for the Caddy Alterna models which is a flat tape style gasket seal. We are expanding our gaskets and other replacement parts for the PSG line. See our video below on glass gasket installation and please contact us for additional part inquires.