Napoleon Wood

Napoleon woodstove replacement parts. We offer door gasket, glass gasket, variable speed blower fans, and grate scraper for Napoleon woodstoves.

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Napoleon woodstoves will use a round rope door gasket for sealing the firebox door to the stove frame/body. Most Napoleon models will use the 1/2″ diameter rope gasket; please double check your model, part number, and gasket size prior to ordering. Over time the door gasket will wear and create air leakage which will affect your fire, efficiency, safety and performance. Regularly inspect your door gasket to ensure it's making a tight seal all the way around. When you need to replace, follow along with our installation video.

Most Napoleon woodstoves will use a 3/4″ flat tape style glass gasket to create the seal from the glass to the firebox door frame. Visually inspect the glass gasket during your routine maintenance, and replace when there is notable wear, fray, or air-gaps.

We offer the Napoleon EP65M variable speed blower with thermostatic control as well as the Napoleon EP62M variable speed blower. These woodstove blowers are often referred to as the convection fan, distribution blower, or room-air motor. Be sure to regularly clean the impeller fin blades on the blower for optimal CFM and longevity.