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Earth Sense Energy Systems is your source for stove replacement parts from the Appalachian brand. Appalachian woodstove replacement parts ensure that your stove stays functioning throughout the winter and keep you and your family warm! At Earth Sense, we have just started with our offerings for Appalachian woodstove models. Currently we carry the 1C180 replacement blower fan assembly and blower fan motor.

Our Appalachian Stove Parts

Our parts include our replacement distribution convection room air blower motor fan, distribution fan convection room air blower (motor only), firepot cleaning scraper tool, fiber gasket seal, and fire starter gel.

Questions on any of our stove replacement parts? Contact our team at (800) 236-6647 for more information.

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  • Pellethead Replacement Appalachian Wood Stove Distribution Convection Room Air Blower Motor Fan

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  • Stove Bright Satin Black, High Temperature Brush On Paint, 16oz

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  • Pellethead Replacement Appalachian Wood Stove Distribution Fan Convection Room Air Blower, Motor Only

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  • Stove Bright Charcoal, High Temperature Brush On Paint, 16oz

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  • Stove Bright Metallic Black, High Temperature Brush On Paint, 16oz

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  • Stove Bright Metallic Brown, High Temperature Brush On Paint, 16oz

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  • Stove Bright Goldenfire Brown, High Temperature Brush On Paint, 16oz

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  • Pellethead Wood, Coal, Pellet & Corn Stove Fireplace Burnpot, Firepot Cleaning Scraper Tool

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  • Liotherm High Temperature Fire Rated Stove & Fireplace Fiber Gasket Seal, 24″ x 12″ Sheet

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  • Pellethead Blue Fire Starter Gel – 2 PACK

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Appalachian Stove Parts

Is your stove not working properly? You will likely need to invest in a new Appalachian stove part. We currently carry the following Appalachian stove parts: 28CD, 30CD, 32XLB, 36BW, 4N1R, 4N1XL, CR360, and Gemini XL woodstove models will use convection fan part 1C180.

Appalachian Convection Fans

Also referred to as the distribution blower or room air fan, the Appalachian convection fan circulates air through the heat exchange tubes, dispersing the heated air into the room. It's important to routinely clean the convection fan of dust and debris accumulated on the motor windings and impeller wheel. The Earth Sense Energy Systems team offers a full assembly replacement as well as a motor only replacement for the 1C180 Appalachian convection fan.

Replacement Appalachian Wood Stove & Fireplace Parts

We are proud to stock replacement stove parts for the Appalachian brand. Appalachian Stove, founded in 1976, is renown for providing home and business owners with quality stoves, fireplaces, and mantels. Currently, we are expanding our offerings for replacement Appalachian woodstove and fireplace parts. Check back on our website often to see our newest products.

Please contact us for order inquiries and requests, or give us a call about wood stove or fireplace stove parts!

About Earth Sense Energy Systems

Earth Sense got its start in the early 1990s when Uncle Jed first pioneered alternative heating by purchasing a show trailer and two stoves and appearing at local fairs and events. Our first location opened up in Dale, Wisconsin in 1996. Since then, we have proudly served our customers, providing pellet stove replacement parts, pellet stoves, and the pellets themselves.

More than 30 years later, we continue to be the United States' largest pellet stove retailer. Please contact us with questions about Appalachian stove parts or other stove part brands.