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Interior Quadra-Fire pellet stove parts will include all firebox components such as the burnpot/firepot, heat exchange baffles, ash cover doors, log sets, upper baffles, door hardware, and feed system assembly parts. Overtime interior parts can wear affecting the performance of your Quadra-Fire. It’s important to regularly clean and inspect your burnpot, burnpot components, fire baffles, and heat exchange area. If you notice cracks, breaks, warpage, or burn-throughs, you will want to replace those items before operating your stove.

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  • QuadraFire & Heatilator EcoChoice Thermocouple Ceramic Cover, OEM

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  • QuadraFire Thermocouple Ceramic Cover Tube, OEM

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  • QuadraFire & PelPro 3Pc. Firebox Baffle Set, OEM

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  • QuadraFire, PelPro & Pleasant Hearth 3Pc. Firebox Baffle Set, OEM

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  • QuadraFire Heat Exchange Baffle Mill, OEM

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  • Pellethead Replacement QuadraFire Heat Exchange Baffle Mill

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  • QuadraFire 1200 & 1200i EZ Clean Firepot, Cast Burnpot, Aftermarket

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  • QuadraFire 1200 & 1200i EZ Clean Burnpot, Firepot, OEM

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    QuadraFire Castile Insert Ash Pan Drawer Assembly, OEM

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  • QuadraFire Mt. Vernon AE, E2 & Edge 60 Burnpot, Firepot Assembly, OEM

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  • QuadraFire Mt. Vernon AE, E2 & Edge 60 Burnpot, Firepot Assembly W/Igniter, OEM

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  • Pellethead Replacement Quadrafire, Kozi & Whitfield Exhaust Blower Impeller, Combustion Fan Paddle

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  • Pellethead Replacement QuadraFire Thermocouple Bracket

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  • QuadraFire Thermocouple Bracket, OEM

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  • Pellethead Replacement Quadra-Fire, Pelpro & Pleasant Hearth Stainless Steel Burnpot/Firepot

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  • Quadra-Fire, Pelpro & Pleasant Hearth Firepot, OEM

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Quadra-Fire will have several burnpot styles depending on the model you have. Quadra-Fire is known for their deep cylindrical burnpot design which allows more forgiveness in grades of fuel being used with higher efficiency output. The early Quadra-Fire 800 Nova, 1000, and 1100i originally came with a ceramic burnpot which has been discontinued from the factory. The cast iron burnpot upgrade is available for these models which includes the new style loop igniter element. The burnpot linkage kits are sold separate and will vary by the model. OEM and aftermarket burnpot options are available for the Mt. Vernon AE, Mt Vernon AE Insert, Mt. Vernon E2, Mt. Vernon E2 Insert, and Edge 60 models. If you have a Mt. Vernon E2 or E2 Insert model that was manufactured pre 01/2018 you will require burnpot replacement SRV7080-083 which is also used for the Trekker models. The Classic Bay CB1200FS and CB1200i models have options for OEM and aftermarket burnpot replacement options. If you have a Castile, Castile Insert, Contour, Santa Fe, or Santa Fe Insert model, the EZ clean burnpot part numbers for replacement are 812-4430 and SRV414-5200. The EZ clean burnpot bottom/firepot 'porkchop' and the burnpot bottom for the Mt. Vernon AE/E2, Edge 60, and Trekker models are available along with replacement burnpot springs.

Most Quadra-Fire models will have interior firebox baffles, upper heat exchange baffles, baffle mills, and latches. Baffles are designed both for safety and to maximize efficiency in your Quadra-Fire. Baffles will direct the heat from the flame to the heat exchange tubes for maximum absorption and heat output. It's important to be regularly removing and inspecting your interior firebox baffles. In several models there are additional ash ports/ash collection areas behind the baffles. Ash acts as an insulator and also restricts combustion air flow; less ash build-up, better burn with more heat. Over time these baffles can warp, crack, break, or burn-through. When this happens it's important to replace the baffle needed to ensure safe and proper operation of your Quadra-Fire.

Other interior parts for Quadra-Fire will include ash door rollers, thermocouple brackets, thermocouple ceramic protection tubes, fire door hardware including latches, replacement glass, retainer rods, magnets, and door frames. If you don't see what you are looking for, chances are we either stock it or can bring it in for you at lightning speed. Contact us today if you need any assistance.