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Quadra-Fire pellet and multi-fuel stove gaskets and seals. You will find various gasket seals used on your Quadra-Fire such as the door gasket, ash door gasket, glass gasket, burnpot gasket, combustion blower motor and housing gasket, flue adapter gasket, auger motor gasket, and auger nylon bearing gasket. Overtime gaskets will wear or break not providing the seal required for safe and proper operation. It’s important you are regularly checking your gasket seals and replacing them when required.

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Depending on your Quadra-Fire model there will be variances in the size and style gasket required for the front fire door, ash pan tray door, and front door glass. One of the most common replacement gaskets used on Quadra-Fire pellet stoves is the 842-5130 tadpole style gasket which doubles as a door and glass gasket. The tadpole gasket will leave an area open on the top or bottom for the 'Air-Wash' system. This is the correct replacement gasket for the Castile, Castile Insert, Contour, Mt. Vernon OE, Santa Fe, and Santa Fe Insert in addition to some of Quadra-Fire's gas stove models. Other Quadra-Fire models will use a rope style door gasket that inlays into the door groove for proper seal. For models that have an ash pan door gasket we offer all replacements used throughout the years. For stoves that do not use the tadpole style gasket, you will find a tape style gasket used for replacing the glass to door seal. If you are replacing a rope door gasket or flat tape style glass gasket, check out our general videos below for a helpful guide reference.

When it comes to motor gaskets such as the combustion blower mount gasket, housing gasket, and auger motor gaskets, we recommend inspection during your regular maintenance. Generally speaking when a motor is removed for inspection, service, or cleaning, the gasket needs to be replaced before the motor is re-installed. Quadra-Fire burnpot gaskets are of similar nature; if the burnpot is removed, the burnpot gasket should be replaced for safe and proper operation. If you are looking to save a few bucks check out our gasket sheet for tracing and cutting out replacement gaskets. Many of the Quadra-Fire insert models will have a flue adapter flange gasket; be sure to inspect this gasket as well when cleaning your combustion blower and flue vent pipe.