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Exterior Quadra-Fire pellet stove parts include body panels and curtains, outside air kits, cleaning tools, wall thermostats, fuel hopper bumpers, and power cords.

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Quadra-Fire has several different outside air kits depending on the model. Outside are kits draw in outside air for combustion rather than room air increasing the overall efficiency. Outside air kits are great to maximize the heating potential of your Quadra-Fire stove.

Many Quadra-Fire models use small rubber bumpers to cushion the fuel hopper lid when closing. As these wear out your hopper lid may not close properly and it's important to replace.

Virtually all Quadra-Fire pellet and multi-fuel stove models will operate off of a wall thermostat. The wall thermostat is reading room temperature while providing signal to the stoves control board. We offer the standard mechanical wall thermostat, programmable wall thermostat, and the wall control for the Advanced Energy models. If you have a Trekker model, check out the Bluetooth wireless thermostat interface!

If your stove wall cord got sliced or you lost your burnpot scraper tool, we have you covered with OEM and aftermarket replacement options. If you can't find the part you are looking for let us know! We may have it on the shelf or we can order it in for you at lightning speed!