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St. Croix pellet and corn stove igniters and specialty electrical replacement parts. We offer igniter elements for most St. Croix pellet stove models, rheostat assembly for pre 2003 models, and wiring harnesses for select models. We are adding to this category, if you can’t find the part you need please contact us.

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  • Pellethead Replacement St. Croix Afton Bay, Ashby & Prescott Igniter Element, 2004 to Current

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  • St. Croix Afton Bay, Ashby & Prescott Igniter Element, 2004 to Current, OEM

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  • Pellethead Replacement St. Croix Igniter Element, Pepin, Hastings, York, Element-P, 2003 and Earlier Models

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  • St. Croix Wire Harness 80P21403-R, OEM

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  • St. Croix Convection Blower Fan Rheostat, 2003 & Earlier Models, OEM

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  • St. Croix Lancaster Wire Harness, OEM

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  • St. Croix Rheostat Knob, 2003 & Earlier Models, OEM

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The St. Croix 80P52677-R igniter element measures 4-1/4″ in length and fits all year Element-P, Hastings, Pepin & York Insert Models. This igniter will also be correct for the Afton Bay, Prescott EX/EXP, and Prescott EXL pellet stove models manufactured in 2003 and earlier. You can find the manufacturer date on the UL label typically located on the rear of the stove. The St. Croix 80P52727-R 4-3/4″ length igniter element will fit the Afton Bay, Ashby-P, and Prescott models manufactured in 2004 to current. The igniter element is located near the burnpot area. During start-up, the igniter will get cherry hot as combustion blower air rushes past the element. This 'super-heated' air creates ignition to the pellets in the burnpot grate weldment. If there are air-losses or air-blockages in the stove it can cause missed ignition cycles. If you are experiencing ignition issues, make sure your gasket seals are tight, stove and vent are clean, burnpot is seated properly, air intake is open, and combustion blower is running correctly. You can also test your igniter ohms to determine if the element is in proper range.

Early St. Croix models manufactured in 2003 and earlier had a rotary style control board with rocker switches and rheostat control for the convection fan/room-air blower. Although the rotary style boards are no longer available, we do still offer the replacement rheostat and rheostat knob for the Afton Bay, Pepin, and Prescott pellet stove models. We offer a couple options for replacement wiring harnesses which is the complete wire circuitry within the stove. If you can't find the igniter or specialty electrical part you are looking for, please contact us for special order details.