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St. Croix pellet and corn stove interior replacement parts. Interior parts will include all firebox parts such as burnpot/firepot grate weldment parts, firebrick, trap doors, heat exchange rods, grates, and heat exchange baffles. Interior replacement parts will also include all non-electrical feed system components and versa grate components.

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St. Croix pellet and corn stove interior replacement parts. We have a very large inventory of replacement St. Croix interior parts and we are continuing to expand our offerings. For interior firebox parts, you will find heat exchange baffle plates and rods, rear wall steel firebrick, burnpot grate weldments and individual burnpot components such as shaker grates and pull rods. Our firebox components are under extreme heat while our St. Croix is in operation. Inspect your firebox parts during your routine maintenance and replace items that show heavy wear, cracks, breaks, or warpage.

St. Croix interior feed system parts will include all non-electrical items such as auger shafts, bushings, and mount plates. Same with interior versa-grate components, interior parts will include all non-electrical versa-grate parts including mount brackets, front and rear bushing brackets, shaft cage weldments, and grommets. Inspect your feed system and versa-grate components regularly and replace when needed. If you are having difficulty figuring out the replacement parts you need, please contact one of our technical team members for assistance.