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Napoleon gas stove and fireplace replacement parts. We offer Napoleon blower fan kits, glass gasket, and wall thermostat options.

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We offer several blower kits for Napoleon gas stove and fireplace models. Often referred to as the convection fan or distribution room air blower, the Napoleon blower kits circulate air through the heat exchange tubes dispersing the heated air into the room. It's important to regularly clean the impeller wheel of dust, hair, and debris to maximize air flow, performance, and overall longevity of the motor. We highly recommend a surge protector to be in place to protect electrical componentry from power surges or voltage spikes.

We offer the Napoleon GS3500 glass gasket replacing factory part number W562-0014. This is a 7/8″ wide, flat style tape gasket with PSA removable adhesive backing. The glass gasket creates the seal to the body frame of the stove. Having a tight gasket seal creates better efficiency, performance, and overall safety of the stove during operation. Follow along with our general guide video when the time comes to replace.

We are expanding our replacement parts for Napoleon gas stoves and fireplaces. Please contact us for special order inquiries.