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Jamestown pellet stove blowers, fans, and motors. We offer replacement auger feed motors, combustion blower exhaust fan kits, and convection fan distribution blower motor kits.

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The Jamestown auger feed motor turns intermittently based on your control board heat settings. The auger motor churns pellet fuel up the auger shaft allowing the fuel to fall down the auger chute and into the burnpot/firepot. If have a Jamestown J1000 (J1) or J2000 (J2) that has a serial number lower than 20452, you will require a 1 RPM clockwise motor, replacing part 07EAA. All Jamestown J3000 (J3) models will use a 1 RPM clockwise motor replacement. If you have the J1000 or J2000 with a serial number of 20452 or higher, you will require the 2 RPM clockwise auger motor replacement, part 09EAB. Learn how to test your motor to direct power and general auger motor installation.

The Jamestown convection fan, also referred to as the circulation fan or distribution blower, forces air through the heat exchange tubes dispensing the heated air into your room. It's important to regularly inspect this blower to clean dust and debris from the motor impeller and windings. Our replacement convection fan kit for Jamestown J2000 and J3000 models is a 3000 RPM sealed bearing motor which includes the squirrel cage fan impeller wheel. You will utilize your existing convection blower housing with this kit which provides a significant cost savings. Our Jamestown blower kits replace 07EFF and are backed with a full 1 year manufacturer warranty.

The Jamestown combustion blower, also referred to as the exhaust fan or draft motor, pulls air through the burnpot, past the heat exchange tubes, down the back wall, forcing the exhaust out of the flue vent pipe. During your routine maintenance it's good practice to clean the ash from the combustion blower housing and to clean any dust or debris from the motor windings. As the combustion blower weakens over time we will often notice poor/sooty flame, incomplete combustion, abnormal noises in operation, and/or our vacuum switch tripping. We offer a few different combustion blower exhaust fan motor kits for Jamestown replacing part numbers 07DAA, 07DAC, 07DAG, and 07DAH. It's important to note that some early J1000 & J2000 models require COUNTER CLOCKWISE direction for the combustion blower motor. If your model requires this, you will need to flip/reverse the motor magnet prior to installation to change from the clockwise direction to the counter clockwise direction.