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Winrich Dynasty and Perfecta pellet stove interior and exterior replacement parts. Interior parts for Winrich will include the firebox Cera-fiber brick panels, burnpot/firepot grate weldment, and brass auger bushing. Exterior parts for Winrich will include the hopper cable, side viewing pane glass, and replacement owner’s manuals.

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  • Pellethead Replacement Winrich Dynasty & Perfecta Combustion Blower, Exhaust Fan Impeller Blade, 4-3/4″

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  • Winrich Dynasty & Perfecta Pellet Stove Brass Auger Bushing, OEM

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Winrich Cera-Fiber fire brick seats against the rear wall inside of the firebox. There will be a center piece and two side panels. When cleaning the brick board we recommend a dry paint brush or other soft bristled brush as to not damage the panels. Use caution when removing these panels as they are fragile. Depending on the year, some Dynasty and Perfecta models used steel brick panels inside the firebox. You'll find the Cera-fiber panels to provide significantly more insulation within the firebox, directing more of that heat to your heat exchange tubes and out into your room.

The Winrich burnpot, firepot grate weldment had two different designs over the years. The original was a two-piece burnpot that consisted of the burnpot housing with a stainless steel liner. In later years, Winrich went to a one-piece welded assembly for the burnpot. The welded design significantly increases combustion efficiency by not allowing any air leaks between the housing and grate. It's important to frequently inspect and clean your burnpot weldment to ensure all holes are open and heavy ash or carbon build-up is cleared out.

The brass auger bushing mounts on the auger feed shaft in Winrich Dynasty and Perfecta pellet stoves. Over time this auger bushing will wear and create 'slop' which can lead to auger jams and squeaking/grinding noises when the auger shaft turns. Be sure to inspect this bushing during your routine maintenance.