Pellet Masters

Pellet Masters pellet stove parts. Currently we offer the replacement auger feed motor for Pellet Masters pellet stove models. Our 1 RPM clockwise auger motor options are direct replacements.

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Pellet Masters pellet stove models will use a 1 RPM clockwise auger motor with a flat edge on the shaft for securing with the auger collar set bolt. We offer USA and import aftermarket options for the auger feed motor replacing the original Pellet Masters motor. The auger feed motor churns pellets up the auger shaft to drop in the burnpot. As these motors wear over time we will often notice squealing or grinding coming from the motor, low torque, and inconsistent operation. For the auger motor, there are several safety switches in-line with the motor that will not allow it to operate if there is a safety issue or if we have a faulty switch. You can test your auger motor to direct power to determine if the motor is operational or not by making a 'Test-Cord'. See our guide video below.

General auger feed motor replacement video.

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