St. Croix

St. Croix pellet stove parts will help to power up your pellet stove so that it performs efficiently throughout the colder months of the year. The St. Croix brand focuses on energy efficiency, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal for each stove. With St. Croix, you will enjoy a pellet stove that incorporates elements of both flexibility and practicality. Browse replacement St. Croix pellet stove parts that will keep your stove powered throughout the year. We carry replacement parts for Afton Bay, Ashby-MF, Ashby-P, Auburn, Eclipse, Element-MF, Element-P, Greenfield, Hastings, Lancaster, Lincoln SCR, and more. Earth Sense Energy Systems is your online source for electrical, exterior, interior, gasket, and other accessories.

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Afton Bay Stove Parts

Are you the owner of an Afton Bay pellet stove? Earth Sense Energy Systems is your source for Afton Bay replacement parts. We can supply all your needs, from gaskets, to electrical parts, you will be able to find the stove part you need. At Earth Sense Energy Systems, we understand that it can be a frustrating experience to not have a fully functioning pellet stove. Please contact us for more information for Afton Bay stove parts and accessories.

Ashby-MF Stove Parts

Do you own the St. Croix Asby-MF pellet stove model? Let us be your source for Ashby-MF stove parts. We provide exterior and interior parts, gaskets, electrical parts, and more. These stove parts include boards, switches, sensors, motors, blowers, fuel hoppers, etc. If you have any questions about Ashby-MF stove parts, please reach out to our experts and we'll be happy to help.

Ashby-P Stove Parts

Need a replacement part for your Ashby-P St. Croix pellet stove? From auger motors, to gaskets, to wall thermostats, we have plenty of replacement parts for the Ashby-P model. Stay warm this winter with Ashby-P St. Croix pellet stove parts from Earth Sense Energy Systems! Many of the St. Croix pellet stoves are multi-fuel, including the Ashby-P. In fact, the Ashby-P stove can be powered by wood pellets, and even the following: corn, wheat, cherry pits, rye, and distillers grain (multi fuel grate.)

Auburn Stove Parts

Auburn stove parts from St. Croix include glass gasket kits, door handles, combustion fan gaskets, digital control boards, silicone tubing, power cords, door hinge pins, and more. Browse major categories of Auburn stove parts including electrical parts, exterior and interior parts, gaskets, and miscellaneous accessories. Stay warm with the Auburn pellet stove this winter.

Eclipse Stove Parts

Browse our catalog for Eclipse stove parts. For the Eclipse model, we have ash pans, auger systems, brick refractories, door parts and gaskets, electrical parts, revolution pot parts, and stove gaskets alike. The Eclipse pellet stove is a contemporary stove that delivers serious heat to its users. It is a powerful performer. Browse Eclipse stove parts to ensure your pellet stove stays powered all winter long.

Element-MF Stove Parts

Introducing the Element-MF pellet stove. This compact multi-fuel stove is an excellent choice for tight spaces in your home. With a big heating performance, this pellet stove is great for corners, smaller rooms, and cabins. Browse Element-MF stove parts like auger systems, electrical parts, corn pot parts, brick refractories, ash pan parts, and more.

Element-P Stove Parts

The Element-P stove is small, yet delivers big heat and like its Element-MF sibling, is great for tight spaces in your home or cabin. Need an Element-P stove part? Let Earth Sense Energy Systems be your online source for replacement parts for your Element-P stove. These include power cords, flat glass gaskets, digital boards, thermostats, auger gaskets, and more. Browse St. Croix pellet stove parts online.

Greenfield Stove Parts

The St. Croix Greenfield pellet stove functions as both a corn or pellet stove. It is an aesthetically-pleasing cast iron stove. In the unfortunate event your Greenfield pellet stove breaks down and needs a replacement part, please contact the experts at Earth Sense Energy Systems and we'll be happy to supply you a Greenfield stove part to get it back up and running.

Hastings Stove Parts

Another beautiful-looking pellet stove, the Hastings pellet stove by St. Croix delivers on aesthetic appeal, longevity, and powerful heating. The Hastings is built to look like a traditional wood burning stove. It can be fueled by wood pellets, cherry pits, and 50% corn and wood pellets alike. Do you have a broken down Hastings pellet stove? Browse our online selection of Hastings replacement parts.

Lancaster Stove Parts

St. Croix Lancaster stoves may be small, but they certainly deliver on heat just like their bigger cousins. Like other stoves by St. Croix, the Lancaster can be powered by corn distiller's grain pellets, cherry pits, wheat, and rye alike. If you need a Lancaster stove part, be sure to browse our online inventory, or reach out to our team for further assistance.

Lincoln SCR Stove Parts

Earth Sense Energy Systems is your online source for Lincoln SCR stove parts. Shop control boards, feeder parts, burn pots, igniters, hardware, maintenance kits, versa grates, switches, sensors, gaskets, exhaust, combustion parts, and more. Enjoy great prices and quality replacement St. Croix pellet stove parts to keep your Lincoln SCR up and running!

Pepin Stove Parts

Pepin St. Croix pellet stoves are excellent stoves with powerful heating for your home. Has a part stopped working and you need Pepin stove parts? We've got you covered! We have a large inventory of Pepin stove parts, available with great prices. Please reach out to us today if you can't locate the replacement part you need.

Prescott EX/EXP Stove Parts

Prescott EX/EXP stoves keep your home or cabin warm throughout the winter months. If a part fails, it can be a frustrating experience. At Earth Sense Energy Systems, we can provide parts for your pellet stove including: blowers, igniters, motors, switches, thermostats, and more. Questions about Prescott EX/EXP parts? Please contact our team today.

Prescott EXL Stove Parts

The Prescott EXL not only has aesthetic appeal, but powerful heating for your home or cabin. With this pellet stove, you'll enjoy excellent energy efficiency. If for some reason a part breaks down, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team for Prescott EXL stove parts that will get your stove back up and running.

Revolution Stove Parts

Introducing a new way to do heat. The Revolution stove by St. Croix is a pellet furnace that is multi-fuel and thermostat compatible. It is much like its sibling, the SCF-050 pellet furnace, also listed on this page. Both pellet furnaces may be connected to an existing ductwork. They can be used by themselves or alongside another furnace. Browse our online inventory for Revolution replacement stove parts.

SCF-050 Stove Parts

As with the Revolution, the SCF-050 is a pellet-powered furnace that can be either use by themselves or along with another furnace. We have plenty of replacement parts available for the SCF-050 furnace. Contact us today if you can't find what you are looking for, or if you have any questions.

York Stove Parts

Earth Sense Energy Systems is your source for York stove parts. These high quality St. Croix pellet stove parts include electrical parts, gaskets, exterior/interior parts, accessories and more. The St. Croix York pellet stove is a fireplace insert that mimics its cousin, the Afton Bay pellet stove. The York's bay window runs the full width of the stove for an excellent view of the fire. If you have any questions about York stove parts, or any of our other replacement parts for any of the other models listed here, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team today!