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St. Croix pellet and corn stove control circuit boards, switches, and safety sensors. We have carried and sold St. Croix stoves and products since the mid-1990’s. We offer virtually every replacement part for St. Croix pellet and corn stoves, inserts, and furnace models. Digital control circuit boards, retro-fit control board kits, vacuum switches, low limit switches, high limit switches, and hopper lid switches will be located in this category.

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St. Croix pellet and corn stove control boards. Early St. Croix pellet stove models used what we refer to as a rotary-style control board. It was a control board that had a turn knob and rocker switches. Depending on the model and year, some were located on the side panel and some on the rear of the stove. In more recent years, St. Croix moved over to a digital LED control/circuit board for all of the pellet and corn stove models. If you have the earlier rotary style board you will require one of the retro-fit control board kits; please review the model notes to ensure you are ordering the correct kit. If you have a digital touch pad control board on your model, the newest design part 80P30523B-R is correct for most freestanding and insert models. The SCF-050 furnace will have it's own control circuit board part numbers 80P30205B-R and 80P30205-R. The Revolution furnace model will also have it's own control board part 80P30333-R and is available for special order. We always recommend a surge protector of at least 1000 joules to protect your control board from voltage spikes or surges.

We have helpful instructional videos below for how to operate your St. Croix control board, how to diagnose error codes, and how to program the digital control board.

St. Croix used two different vacuum/pressure switches over the years; one for 2003 and earlier models and the other for 2004 to current models. The vacuum switch is detecting air pressure inside the stove firebox and exhaust venting. If there are air leaks or air blockages, the vacuum switch will trip and shut down power to the auger feed motor. Learn more about vacuum switches and helpful troubleshooting tips.

St. Croix has a number of safety snap switches depending on your model. The high limit switch is a normally closed switch that will open when temperatures exceed 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This switch has a manual reset for resetting the switch if it trips. For 2003 and earlier models, the high limit switch has an auto reset. Common circumstances that will cause this switch to trip would be the convection fan not running at proper CFM or a failed convection fan, and/or heavy ash and burnpot build-up causing the firebox to get too hot directing the fire up the feed drop chute. Our low limit switch in St. Croix stoves is mounted on the combustion blower exhaust fan housing and acts as a 'proof-of-fire' switch. This switch allows the stove to go from start-up into normal operation and shuts down the combustion blower once the stove is completely cool. St. Croix will also have a high fan override switch used in select models manufactured in 2003 and earlier. This is a 3-prong, 170 degree high limit switch. Learn more about limit switches and troubleshooting with our guide videos below.