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Kozi pellet stove replacement control boards, switches, and safety sensors. We offer control/circuit board replacements and conversion kits, low limit switches, high limit switches, high fan override switches, and static pressure vacuum switches and sensors.

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Kozi 100 Insert, 100 XL, Baywin, KSH Shop Heaters, Model 100, and Previa pellet stoves that are replacing a previous MX digital control board will use the MX2 control board, part CBDKZ001. If you have an early KSH Shop Heater model with the manual rotary dial control board, you will require the MX conversion control board kit. Any other early Kozi models with manual rotary dial controls will require a conversion kit as the early control boards are no longer manufactured. Always be sure to have a surge protector of at least 100 joules in place to prevent spikes and shorts from harming your Kozi control/circuit board.

Kozi pellet stove models have several switches and sensors, all of which are safety devices in place to ensure proper and safe operation. The static pressure vacuum switch is sensing air pressure in the firebox as well as the exhaust; air loss or blockages are common issues that will trip the vacuum switch not allowing fuel to feed. Kozi has several limit switches used in their pellet stoves. Low limit switches will normally be open and will close once determined temperature is met. High limit switches will normally be closed and will open when temperatures exceed the determined temperature. Learn more about limit switches and vacuum/pressure switches in our videos below.


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