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Kozi pellet stove interior and exterior replacement parts. For interior parts we offer firebox panels, burnpot stands, burnpot liners, bronze auger feed bushing, and steel screen saver for Kozi pellet stove and insert models. Exterior parts will include the KSH Shop Heater Door, Shop Heater Glass, and the 100XL model glass replacement.

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If you have a Kozi 100 model or KSH Shop Heater Model, we offer replacement firebox panels, part HTSLL100 and HTSLR100. It's important you are removing your firebox panels during your routine maintenance to clear out any trapped ash accumulation. These panels act as a safety heat barrier as well as heat deflector to maximize efficiency. Replace these panels when there is notable signs of wear, burn-through, or warpage. We also offer the glass screen saver for these Kozi models. The screen saver goes in between the door and firebox opening, designed to keep your fire viewing glass cleaner, longer. Over time this screen will warp or burn through; it's not a required part to replace, just designed to keep your glass cleaner during operation.

We offer the burner pot stand, burner pot stand with igniter, and the burnpot liner for Kozi 100 Insert, 100 XL, Baywin, KSH Shop Heaters, Model 100, and Previa model pellet stoves. The burner pot stand, also referred to as the burnpot/firepot housing, fits into the firebox with the air intake snout going into the rear of the burner pot stand. Contact igniter will be side mount in this burner stand, and the burnpot liner, which is where your pellets burn, is placed inside the stand. Depending on the grade of fuel and frequency of use will determine how often to clean your burnpot liner and stand. Keeping your stand and burnpot liner free of ash and build-up will ensure better combustion air flow and performance. Replace these parts when there are cracks, holes, or warpage. The Kozi burnpot steel splash guard works well for containing pellets in the burnpot as they fall from the feed chute. If you have pellets bouncing out of the burnpot liner, take a look at the Kozi steel splash guard.

The Kozi brass auger bushing is the correct part replacement for all Kozi pellet stoves. This bushing is on the auger shaft where the auger motor mounts. Over time this bushing will wear and create 'slop' often causing frequent auger jams and abnormal noises during operation. Be sure to regularly inspect your feed system components and replace when needed.

If you have a Kozi KSH Shop Heater we do offer the replacement firebox door, part MFDS100, as well as the Kozi KSH replacement door glass with gasket, part number GLS0SKSH. Lastly for exterior parts we carry the Kozi 100XL door glass with gasket, part number GLS0XL00. If you are unable to find the interior or exterior Kozi part you need, please contact us for assistance.