Thelin stove replacement parts. We carry a limited selection of aftermarket and OEM part replacements for Thelin gas, pellet, and wood stove models. This will include gaskets, T1 and T2 sensors, igniter elements, and burnpot cleaning tools.

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Thelin stove replacement parts. We offer several aftermarket replacements and do still offer the OEM Pittman motor brushes. We unfortunately are unable to bring in further Thelin stove replacement parts; your best option if you can't find what you need here will be going factory direct to order.

If you have a Pittman Fan Blower in your Thelin and it is starting to get louder during operation, you can replace the motor brushes part 00-0035-0042 instead of replacing the entire motor. We offer aftermarket replacements for the Thelin T1 Sensor and T2 Sensor. The T1 Sensor is designed to check for overheating and down draft and will shut down the auger motor if there is a safety concern in either of these areas. The T2 Sensor will act as a Proof-of-Fire sensor in the Thelin. It will allow the stove to go from start-up into normal operation and it will shut down your blower once the stove is cool.

Thelin will have a number of different igniter elements depending on the model and year of your Thelin stove. The igniter is the hot rod near the burnpot area. During start-up the igniter will receive an electrical charge and get cherry hot. The combustion air rushing past the igniter becomes 'super-heated' creating ignition to the pellets in the burnpot. Keep in mind it's the hot air lighting the pellets – any air blockages or air losses in the stove can cause missed ignition cycles. When experiencing ignition issues, make sure your stove and vent are clean, door and glass gaskets are sealing tight, burnpot is clean and seated properly, air intake is open with no blockages, and our blower motor is running at proper voltage. You can test your igniter ohms to see if the element is in proper range.

We offer replacement door and glass gaskets for the Thelin Parlour and Gnome models. These models will use a 1/2″ round rope door gasket for sealing the firebox door to the stove frame/body. Over time the door gasket will wear and create air leakage which will affect your fire, efficiency, and can trip the T1 Sensor not allowing the auger motor to run in pellet models. Regularly inspect your door gasket to ensure it's making a tight seal all the way around. When you need to replace, follow along with our installation video.

The Thelin Gnome and Parlour models will use a 1/2″ flat woven tape style glass gasket to create the seal from the glass to the firebox door frame. Visually inspect the glass gasket during your routine maintenance, and replace when there is notable wear, fray, or air-gaps.