SBI Osburn pellet and multi-fuel stove replacement parts. We offer auger motors, gaskets, safety switches, igniter element, burnpot scraper tools, along with a replacement distribution blower option.

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SBI Osburn pellet stove replacement parts. We currently offer select replacement parts for Osburn models, and we are expanding our replacement part options for this line of stoves.

The Osburn Volta along with wood stove models 1700-Insert, 3500, Matrix, Matrix Insert, and Stratford II will use a 5/8″ diameter round rope gasket for the firebox door. For efficiency and safety it's important to inspect your door gasket seal during your routine maintenance to ensure it's making a tight seal all the way around. When it's time to replace your door gasket, you can follow along with our installation video below.

The Osburn 2500, 3500, Hybrid 35MF and Hybrid 45MF along with dozens of woodstove models will use a 3/4″ flat tape glass gasket to create the seal from the firebox door glass to the door frame. Inspect this gasket during your routine maintenance and replace when there are signs of wear, fray, or air gaps. Follow along for replacement with our installation video below.

Osburn 3000, 5000, Hybrid 35MF and Hybrid 45MF pellet stove and multi-fuel models will use a 1 RPM auger feed motor. The auger motor churns pellets up the auger shaft dropping them down the feed chute and into the burnpot/firepot grate. As the auger motor wears over time we will often notice abnormal noises from the motor, frequent auger jam, and inconsistent fuel delivery. See our videos below for general auger motor installation and learn how to test your auger motor direct by making a test cord.

We offer an aftermarket igniter element for the Hybrid 35MF and Hybrid 45MF models replacing SBI part number 44030. The igniter element is located in the burnpot area. During start-up, the igniter will get cherry hot and the combustion air rushing around the igniter becomes 'super-heated' creating ignition to the pellet fuel in the burnpot. As the igniter gets weak over time we will often notice missed ignition cycles or the element not functioning at all. Keep in mind it's the air rushing around the igniter lighting the fire. If there is air loss or air blockage issues in your Osburn, there will be ignition issues.

If you are experiencing ignition troubles with your stove, check the simple things first

  • Burnpot is clean and seated properly
  • Front door and ash door are closed and the gasket seal is tight all the way around
  • Ash accumulation in the stove and exhaust venting has removed/cleaned out
  • Air intake passageway is free and clear
  • Combustion blower is running at proper voltage

You can also use a basic multi-meter to test the ohms on your igniter element to determine if it's in proper range. Watch our helpful guide videos below on igniter testing and common igniter replacement and installation.

Osburn pellet stoves will have a low limit switch, high limit switch, and a vacuum pressure air switch which are all designed as safety features. Depending on the model there will be variances in the types of switches; be sure to reference your part number and model notes in our listings. The vacuum switch detects pressure inside the exhaust venting and firebox. If pressure is lost, it will trip and shut down power to the fuel feed auger.

See our helpful videos below for troubleshooting and learning more about how the limit switches and vacuum switches function in your stove.

If you have an Osburn Hybrid 45MF we offer an aftermarket blower kit for replacement of the convection fan/distribution blower. Also referred to as the room-air blower, the convection fan circulates air through the heat exchange tubes, delivering the warm air into your room. See our videos below for general cleaning and replacement, along with installation of the blower kit.

Looking for a part for your Osburn you can't find? Please contact us for order inquires; we are expanding our parts selection for Osburn.