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Quadra-Fire pellet and multi-fuel stove blowers and motors. Quadra-Fire has several different combustion blower motors, also referred to as the exhaust or draft fan motor. Depending on your Quadra-Fire model there are variances in the style, RPM, and electrical output of the motor. We offer OEM and aftermarket options for the majority of the Quadra-Fire combustion blowers. Quadra-Fire convection blowers, also referred to as the distribution room air fan, will also have variances in style, RPM, and electrical output depending on your Quadra-Fire model. We offer all convection blowers for Quadra-Fire pellet and multi-fuel stoves. Quadra-Fire has a few different styles of auger feed motors depending on the model. We offer OEM and aftermarket options for all auger motors except for the Mt Vernon AE/Edge 60 auger motor which is offered as OEM only.

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As we look at Quadra-Fire combustion motors, the 812-4400 is the correct motor for the 30,000 BTU Quadra-Fire models including the Castile, Castile Insert, Contour, Santa Fe, and Santa Fe Insert. As we look at the 40,000 BTU Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200 and 1200i models, they will use a larger CFM combustion blower with a higher RPM, part numbers 812-3381 and SRV7000-602. The Mt. Vernon OE (Original Energy) will have it's own style combustion motor. The Mt. Vernon AE and Edge 60 will use a specialty combustion blower part number SRV7000-588M which replaces the discontinued full assembly, part number 7034-033. Quadra-Fire Mt. Vernon E2 and Trekker models will use combustion blower SRV7080-106. The Early Quadra-Fire 800 Nova will use combustion blower 812-2510, the 1000 model will use combustion blower 812-0051, and the Quadra-Fire 1100i will use combustion blower 812-1110. The combustion blower in your Quadra-Fire is the motor pulling air through the burnpot, up past the heat exchange tubes, forcing out the exhaust flue gases. As a combustion motor starts to weaken or fail you will start to notice a lazy fire, pellet fuel build-up, and possibly vacuum switch errors not allowing fuel to feed after start-up. You can use a standard voltage meter to check the combustion fan voltage during start-up and operation. Please note that ash build-up in the stove and venting is the #1 cause for service calls. If your fire is starting to look lazy/sooty, always start with performing a thorough cleaning of the stove and exhaust venting.

Quadra-Fire convection fans are often referred to as the distribution blower or room-air fan motor. This blower motor is designed to circulate the warm air from the stove into your room and home. There are several different styles for the convection fan depending on your Quadra-Fire model. As this blower gets weak you will notice less velocity with the warm air coming out from the front of your stove. Convection fans will have fins/paddles/wheels that accumulate dust and debris overtime. With all convection fans it is important to clean out the motor fins on a regular basis to ensure you are keeping the motor in balance while maximizing the CFM (output) of the fan. If you have pets or if the stove is located in an area with high levels of dust or debris, we recommend inspecting and cleaning the blower fan more frequently. General guide video below on cleaning and replacement of a common convection fan.

Quadra-Fire has a few different auger feed motors based on the model you have. The 800 model will use a 1 RPM counter clockwise rotation gear motor, part 812-0170. The 1000 model has used both a 1 RPM and 2 RPM counter clockwise motor over the years. If you have a Quadra-Fire 1000, please check your motor RPM to ensure you receive the correct replacement. The 1100i will use a 2 RPM counter clockwise motor, part 812-1220. The most common Quadra-Fire auger motor is the 812-4420/812-4421. This is a 2.4 RPM auger motor for the 1200, 1200i, Castile, Castile Insert, Contour, Mt. Vernon E2, E2 Insert, Mt. Vernon OE, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Insert, Trekker, and Trekker Insert. The Mt. Vernon AE, Mt. Vernon AE Insert, and Edge 60 Fireplace Insert will use a specialty auger motor, part SRV7000-313. As auger motors weaken over time you may notice noises such as squeaks, squeals, or grinding while in operation. You may also notice inconsistency with fuel delivery or frequent auger jams as the motor weakens. When in question on your auger motor, you can always pull it out and run to direct power to assess the performance and torque. If you have an AC power auger motor, check out our video below on how to create a test cord for troubleshooting. You can use this test cord to check any AC power motors and blowers. If you have a DC motor, such as the Mt. Vernon AE or Edge 60, you can make a similar test cord that goes to a 12V DC power source such as a 12V portable battery, car battery, or cordless drill battery.