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Quadra-Fire pellet and multi-fuel stove igniters and specialty electrical parts. We offer remote control thermostats, wall thermostats, power cords, junction boxes, wire harnesses, and all igniter elements for Quadra-Fire pellet stoves and advanced energy models.

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During the start up cycle, your Quadra-Fire will give power to the ignition element which is placed just beneath the burnpot/firepot. As the combustion air rushes past the igniter, the super heated air creates ignition in the burnpot. Quadra-Fire's most common igniter element is the loop style igniter. The loop style ignition element comes in a 300 watt rating for igniting pellet fuel and a 380 watt rating for igniting biomass fuels such as corn, sunflower seeds, and wheat in the advanced energy models. If your model used ceramic wire nuts for electrical connection we offer the short wire loop igniter for proper installation. If you burn any mixture or percentage of corn or other biomass fuel in your Quadra-Fire, we recommend using the 380 watt element. For the early Quadra-Fire 800 Nova, 1000, and 1100i models with the original ceramic burnpot, there is a specialty ceramic igniter part 812-0180. If your Quadra-Fire is having ignition issues, please take a look at our video below for how to test an igniter and other elements to look for in troubleshooting.

Depending on your Quadra-Fire model there are various specialty electrical parts. We stock junction boxes (where your control box plugs into), wire harnesses, power cords, wall thermostats, remote thermostats, thermostat wire, power supplies, and diagnostic cords. If you can't find the part you need, contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.