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Quadra-Fire pellet and multi-fuel stove accessories. We carry some great accessories to enhance and optimize your Quadra-Fire stove. Quadra-Fire pellet stove accessories will include ceramic log sets, outside air kits, decorative door trim, upper and lower grille louver trim, and remote control thermostats.

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Quadra-Fire ceramic log sets can really set the mood while providing comforting ambience and esthetic. Log sets will vary in style depending on your Quadra-Fire model and are easy to place in and take out when needed.

Outside air kits are offered for most Quadra-Fire models. By drawing in outside air for combustion instead of room air, you will increase your overall efficiency and output. Enjoy less fuel consumption with higher efficiency ratings when an outside air kit is installed.

If you have a Quadra-Fire Santa Fe or Santa Fe Insert model, take a look at the door trim and louver options. Door trim is available in gold, black nickel, and bright nickel finishes. Upper and lower louver grills are available in black and gold finishes. Accentuate your Santa Fe and make it the star of your room!

If you have a Quadra-Fire 1200, 1200i, Castile, Castile Insert, Contour, Mt. Vernon OE, Santa Fe, or Santa Fe Insert, take a look at the remote control thermostat. The Smart Batt II comes with a remote control and receiver to be able to monitor and adjust your stove from the comfort of the couch; precision heat control with ease.