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PelPro pellet stove interior and exterior parts. We currently offer the burnpot/firepot assembly and firebox baffle set for select PelPro models.

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  • QuadraFire & PelPro 3Pc. Firebox Baffle Set, OEM

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  • QuadraFire, PelPro & Pleasant Hearth 3Pc. Firebox Baffle Set, OEM

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  • Pellethead Replacement Quadra-Fire, Pelpro & Pleasant Hearth Stainless Steel Burnpot/Firepot

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  • Quadra-Fire, Pelpro & Pleasant Hearth Firepot, OEM

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  • Pellethead Replacement Quadra-Fire, Pelpro & Pleasant Hearth Firepot/Burnpot

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  • Pellethead Blue Fire Starter Gel – 2 PACK

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The PelPro burnpot, also referred to as the firepot or burn grate, is the structure in which the fuel combusts and provides flame. We offer the burnpot for the PelPro PP130, PP150, PP60, PP70, PPC90, and TSC90 pellet stove models. Genuine OEM replacement, part number SRV7077-003. Be sure to regularly check your burnpot for blockages and signs of wear. Check out our point scraper tool for easy maintenance when cleaning the burnpot. Always make sure the burnpot is seated properly and replace when there are breaks, cracks, or warpage.

If you have a PelPro PP60 or PP70 model, we offer the replacement firebox wall 3-piece panel set, part number SRV7079-006. These panels should be removed during your routine maintenance to clean the ash off of the panels and accumulated ash behind the panels. The less accumulation of ash, the better our overall combustion, efficiency, and performance will be. We suggest replacement of these firewall panels/baffles when there is notable signs of wear, cracks, breaks, burn-throughs, or warpage.