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Winrich Dynasty and Perfecta pellet stove gasket seals. There are several areas on your Winrich stove that use various types of gaskets. Over time gaskets wear down allowing leaky seals that can dramatically effect the safety and performance of your Winrich stove. It’s important to be inspecting your gaskets regularly and replacing them when required.

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Winrich Dynasty and Perfecta door rope gasket is one of the most common replacements. Both the Winrich Dynasty and Perfecta will use a 7/8″ x 7' length round rope gasket to seal the firebox door to the stove body. As this gasket wears, you will start to notice your fire becoming lazy, sooty ash accumulation, and potentially your vacuum switch tripping from pressure loss. Test your door gasket by placing a dollar bill half in and half out of the door. Shut the door and see how much resistance there is when pulling the dollar bill out. Check this in a few spots around the door. There should be heavy resistance all the way around. *Always perform this test when the stove is off and cool. If you are replacing your door gasket, please see our helpful guide video below.

While you are inspecting your door gasket, it is equally as important to check your glass gasket. The glass gasket in your Winrich Dynasty or Perfect pellet stove will be a 1/2″ wide x 10' length flat tape-style gasket. Inspect the seal closely that this gasket makes between your glass and door frame. If you see any air gaps, breaks, or the gasket appears to be getting brittle, it's a good time to replace it. When it comes time to replace your glass gasket, see our guide video below.

Winrich pellet stoves will have 2 gaskets for the combustion blower, exhaust fan motor. The 6″ round gasket mounts the motor to the motor housing. This gasket is offered in the original liotherm ceramic material as well as a silicone material. When removing the combustion fan motor for cleaning or service, this gasket must be replaced if it is broken or has heavy wear. The other combustion blower gasket creates the seal from the blower housing to the stove manifold. Generally speaking, when we pull out the full exhaust motor assembly for cleaning or maintenance this gasket will need to be replaced. Always check for cracks, breaks, holes, and heavy wear.

The Dynasty and Perfecta will also have a gasket seal on the convection blower, distribution room-air fan. The original was a rectangular liotherm ceramic gasket, our replacement is a silicone gasket for additional longevity. Making sure you have a tight seal on the convection fan will improve the efficiency and overall air flow.

Looking to save a few bucks on your motor gasket replacements? Check out our ceramic liotherm gasket sheet. This sheet measures 12″ x 24″ and allows you to trace and cut multiple replacement motor gaskets.