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Harman coal and woodstove replacement blowers, fans, and feed motors. We offer combustion blower exhaust fans, convection fan distribution blowers, furnace blower motors, and auger feed motors.

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The Harman DVC 500 coal stove model will use combustion blower 3-21-08639. Also referred to as the exhaust fan motor, the combustion blower pulls air through the burnpot, up past the heat exchange tubes, and forces the exhaust out of the flue vent pipe. We recommend cleaning the blower during your routine maintenance and to replace when there are abnormal noises during operation, incorrect voltage output, and/or motor failure. See our guide video below for general replacement how-to.

There are a number of different styles when it comes to the convection blower for Harman coal and woodstove models. Also referred to as the distribution fan or room-air blower, the convection fan circulates air through the heat exchange tubes, dispersing the heated air into the room. The Harman 44 Magnum, DVC 500, and Mark I coal stove models will use a 'snail-style' convection fan, part 3-21-22647, 3-21-33647. The Harman Super Mag Stoker will use a 'pancake-style' convection fan, part 3-21-47120. We offer the full assembly for this blower as well as just the motor only. The Harman 300i will use two 'open-face' style convection fans, one for the left and one for the right. The left side blower will be part 3-21-55416, and the right side blower will be part 3-21-32080. The Harman SF1500A and SF2500A will use a 1000 CFM blower motor, part 3-20-36648. It's important to be routinely inspecting and cleaning your convection blower from dust and debris. Use a dry paint brush or compressed air to clean the motor windings and fan impeller wheel.

The Harman Mark I coal stove will use a 4 RPM counter clockwise rotation auger feed motor, part 3-20-08752. The Harman DVC 500 and Super Mag Stoker models will use a 4 RPM clockwise rotation auger feed motor, part 3-20-60906. The auger motor works in tandem with the control board to deliver fuel to the burnpot based on your heat settings and selections. As the auger motor wears we will often notice abnormal noise during operation, frequent auger jams, inconsistency with fuel delivery, or failure of the motor. See our helpful guide videos below for both chain feed system auger motor replacement and direct drive auger motor replacement.

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