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Harman coal and wood stove cleaning and maintenance supplies. Harman has a few specialty cleaning tools such as the arrow scraper, burnpot scraper, and flue passageway brush for select models. Additionally, we offer a number of key items including glass cleaner, bottle brushes, ash vacuums, exhaust vent brush and rod kits, and a leaf blower vacuum exhaust vent cleaning system for 3″ and 4″ PL pellet and coal vent pipe. Over 90% of service calls are related to cleaning and maintenance issues. Following your owners manual cleaning protocols and having the right tools handy will ensure years of trouble-free enjoyment.

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Having the right tools to clean and maintain your Harman stove can make a world of difference. By keeping your Harman stove clear of ash buildup and blockage, you will find higher efficiency resulting in less fuel being used and less issues that may arise.

Keeping your heat exchange tubes free from ash is a big one in ensuring you are maximizing the efficiency from your Harman stove. As ash collects on the heat exchange tubes, it acts as an insulator not allowing as much heat to penetrate, and more so funneling that heat out of the exhaust. The Harman arrow scraper does a great job cleaning the heat exchange tubes and a wide dry paint brush can be an excellent tool in grabbing more service area. Always recommended to wear protective gloves, a mask, and to have a floor covering in place when working with fly ash.

Having the right vacuum cleaner is key in keeping the fly ash contained safely and effectively. Most vacuum filters are unable to handle the particle size of fly ash from pellet and corn stoves resulting in that ash being blown through the vacuum and into the home. Our Pellethead Ash Vacuum options have a dual flame retardant filter ensuring no ash escapes while being able to safely pickup warm ashes reaching 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The Ash Vault Pro is our 120V corded ash vacuum option, while our Ash Vault Pro Cordless is our 20V DC ash vacuum option. Check out the highlights in our videos below.

Cleaning the Harman burnpot/firepot grate weldment will vary depending on the grade of fuel you are using and frequency of use. Keeping the Harman burnpot free from carbon build-up and ash blockage will ensure better ignition and better efficiency overall. Take a look at our Harman Super-Scraper for the easiest, fastest, and most effective way for cleaning your Harman burnpot grate.

Essential tools to always have on hand will be glass cleanerbottle brushes, exhaust vent cleaning brush and rod kits, and our leaf blower vacuum exhaust vent cleaning system. Looking for a complete kit? Check out our Pellethead Base Cleaning Kit and our Pellethead Complete Cleaning Kit.