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Harman coal and woodstove replacement interior parts. Interior parts will include feed system components such as auger shafts, feeder slide plate, mounting bracket, feeder bearing, tensioner ball, sprockets, and chain kit. Interior parts will also include fire brick, cast iron brick panel, motor grommets, burnpot, flame guides, and the decorative log set for the Mark I model.

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The Harman 44 Magnum and Mark I coal stove models manufactured in 2008 and earlier will use auger feed shaft part 3-50-00465. Mark I models manufactured after 2008 will use the UL auger feed shaft part 3-50-00565. As our auger shaft starts to wear we will often notice squealing or grinding while it's in operation or frequent auger jams. When it comes time to replace the auger shaft watch our video below for helpful tips.

We offer several feed system parts for Harman coal stove models including the feeder slide plate, feeder bearing, motor mount bracket, sprockets, chain, tensioner wheel cam, and complete chain and sprocket kit. It's important to be regularly inspecting and cleaning your feed system components to ensure proper operation. Be sure to also check the sawdust cleanout box periodically and remove any accumulated fuel fines.

If you have the Harman Mark I coal stove we offer the replacement burnpot weldment part 1-10-00675, along with the cast iron flame guide that seats atop the burnpot part 3-00-06644. It's important you are regularly cleaning the burnpot and ensuring all of the holes are free and clear for proper combustion. Check out our videos below for replacing the burnpot and a better way to scraper your Harman burnpot.

Many Harman coal and woodstove models will use fire brick inside the firebox. Fire brick acts as an insulator as well as a safety barrier in your Harman stove. We offer the Harman fire brick that measures 9″ x 4.5″ x 1.25″, part 1-00-900450125 in single and multi-packs. This brick size fits several coal and woodstove models. If you have a Harman 300i, Oakleaf, TL2.6, or TL300 wood stove model the correct replacement fire brick will measure 12″ x 6″ x 1.25″, part number 3-40-86125. Mark I models will use a cast iron brick panel on the rear firewall, part number 3-00-06641. Regularly inspect your fire brick and replace when there are notable signs or wear or cracks to ensure the safety and performance of your Harman stove.

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