Harman coal and woodstove paint. Whether you need to touch up a scuff or scratch, or whether you want an entirely new color, our line-up of high temperature spray paint for Harman sets the tone. With over 30 colors in stock, you can find the exact match and ideal color you are looking for.

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Harman coal and wood stove models came in a black finish on the body and exterior panels of the stove. We have found that the Stove Bright Satin Black and Flat Black are both great options for touching up scuffs, scratches, and dings. If you're looking to get creative you can accent a feature on your Harman such as the side panels, hopper door, or door frame in a contrasting color such as Mauve or Surf Sand. You may decide you want to paint the stove a completely new color such as Bright Metallic Black or Honey Glo Brown. With more than 30 colors in Stove Bright high temperature spray paint you can transform your stove any way you'd like it.

Stove Bright paint comes in a 12oz spray can and is rated for 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Manufactured with a specialty silicone protector, Stove Bright is designed to withstand scratching, marring, and is rust resistant. Paint Prep and Primer work great to clean and prepare the surface for your color of choice.