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Quadra-Fire gas stove and fireplace replacement gasket seals. We offer door rope gasket kits, specialty tadpole door and glass gasket, glass tape gasket, and high temperature silicone sealant.

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Quadra-Fire gas stoves and fireplaces will have a gasket seal from the firebox door to the stove body frame and a gasket seal from the glass to the door frame. Depending on the model, there are different sizes and styles of door gasket and glass gasket. It's always recommended to confirm your model and part number to ensure you receive the correct replacement gasket you need. Be sure to routinely inspect your door and glass gasket. For cleaning, a soft bristled brush such as a dry paint brush can work very well at removing soot without being abrasive to the gasket. As our door and glass gasket wears, we will often notice abnormal fire consistency and soot accumulation in the stove and vent pipe. We suggest the door and glass gaskets are replaced when there are notable signs of wear, frays, or air gaps. General life expectancy of these gaskets is approximately 4-7 seasons of use. Having great gasket seals leads to better performance, efficiency, and overall safety of your Quadra-Fire. If you are replacing a rope door gasket or flat tape style glass gasket, you can follow along with our videos below on general installation.

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