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Quadra-Fire gas stove and fireplace replacement pilots and valves. Whether it’s a pilot assembly or a valve, we offer a great selection of natural gas and LP replacements for most Quadra-Fire gas stove models.

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Quadra-Fire gas stove and fireplace replacement valves and pilot assemblies. There are several different valves and pilots depending on your Quadra-Fire model and fuel type. Natural gas and LP replacement valves include variable, SIT, IPI, and IPI with the stepper motor. Pilot replacements include IPI, and injector pilots for both natural gas and propane fuel types. As our pilot assembly wears, we will often have issues with the pilot staying lit. As our valve starts to go, we will often see issues with the fire and pilot intermittently going out. When it comes time to order a new pilot or valve, be sure to cross reference your model and part number to ensure you are ordering the correct replacement. We are expanding our line of replacement Quadra-Fire pilots and valves; if you can't find the part you are looking for please contact us for order inquiries.