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Quadra-Fire gas stove and fireplace fans, blowers, and electrical replacement parts. We offer distribution blowers, convection fans, rheostats, battery packs, wall transformer adapters, control modules, remote control transmitters, control boxes, and the module wire assembly.

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  • Majestic, Monnesen, Vermont Castings Touch Screen Handheld Thermostat TSST, OEM

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  • HHT IntelliFire IFT-RC400 Touch Remote Control, OEM

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  • Quadrafire Smart Batt II Remote Control Thermostat, OEM Quality

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  • Quadrafire BK-GAS Blower Fan Kit W/Rheostat & Temp Sensor, OEM

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  • QuadraFire #2 High Limit Snap Disc, 250 Degree Safety Snap Switch, OEM

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  • Pellethead Replacement QuadraFire & Heat N Glo Temp Sensor Low Limit Switch

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  • Quadra-Fire & Heat N Glo Gas Stove & Fireplace Thermopile Generator Millivolt, OEM

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  • QuadraFire, Heatilator & Heat N Glo Wall Switch, OEM

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  • HHT 6V Power Supply/Wall Transformer SRV2326-131, OEM

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  • Quadrafire IntelliFire Plus Remote Control Thermostat Transmitter, RC300-QDF, OEM

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  • Heat N Glo, Heatilator, Majestic, Outdoor Lifestyles & Quadra-Fire Dexen IPI Ignition Control Module SRV593-592, OEM

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  • Heatilator, Heat N Glo & Quadrafire IPI 6V Control Module 2166-347, OEM

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  • Quadrafire, Heatilator, Heat N Glo Gas & Propane Control Box, OEM

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Quadra-Fire gas stove and fireplace blowers circulate room air through the heat exchange area distributing the heated air into your room. The 812-4540, 812-4900 blower is offered in both OEM and aftermarket options for replacement. This will be the correct blower fan for the Quadra-Fire Castile Gas, Colbay, Colbay Insert, Colbay STV, DV40 Step Top, DV400, DVI Gas Insert (DVI-32), Garnet, Grand Bay 40 (GBDV40FS), Grand Bay 40I (GB40i), Hudson Bay, Hudson Bay Insert, QFP30, QFP40, Sapphire, and Topaz models. Additional we offer the GFK-160A blower kit which includes the rheostat and temperature sensor. As our convection blower starts to wear, we will often notice abnormal noises during operation, less heat output, or a failure of the motor. It's important to be regularly cleaning your blower motor windings along with the fan paddle impeller wheel. As dust and debris accumulates on the motor it can insulate causing the motor windings to exceed proper temperature. As dust and hair accumulates on the impeller wheel it can slow down the CFM of the motor, put additional strain on the motor, and cause the impeller to be off-balance creating undesirable noise during operation. Regularly removing your blower and using a dry paint brush and compressed air to clean will provide a longer life expectancy. If you need to test your blower fan to direct power, follow along with our video below on creating a test cord.

Quadra-Fire gas stove electrical replacement parts will include 3V and 6V power supply/wall transformers, IPI control modules, control boxes, rheostat assembly, battery pack, Intellifire remote control thermostat transmitter, and the control module wire assembly. We are expanding our replacement blowers and electrical parts for Quadra-Fire gas stoves and fireplaces. If you are unable to find the part you are looking for please contact us for order inquires.