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Pleasant Hearth control boards, switches, and sensors. Pleasant Hearth is manufactured by Hearth N Home Technologies (HHT). Similar to the Heatilator Eco-Choice line, Pleasant Hearth models will include the PH35PS, PH50PS, PH50CABPS, and PHC90 pellet stoves. We offer control circuit boards, limit switches, vacuum pressure switches, and vacuum tubing for Pleasant Hearth models.

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Pleasant Hearth will have 3 different control circuit boards based on the model you have. PH35PS models will use control board part number SRV7079-050. The PH50PS and PH50CABPS models will use control board SRV7077-050. PHC90 models will use SRV7093-050 as the replacement control board. The circuit board controls all functions of operation within your Pleasant Hearth pellet stove. We highly recommend a surge protector of at least 1000 joules to prevent spikes or surges from damaging the control board. It's also good practice to use compressed air and blow the dust off the circuit board during your annual maintenance. Always make sure the stove is unplugged from the wall when working with electrical components.

We currently offer the OEM high limit switch and OEM and aftermarket options for the vacuum pressure switch. These are both safety sensors that will shut off power to the auger motor if they are tripped or faulty. The high limit switch is a 200 degree with manual reset. This switch is normally closed and will open if temperatures exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The two most common factors that would cause this switch to trip would be a failing convection fan/distribution blower or an out of control fire in the burn box which is generally due to ash blockage and maintenance issues. The vacuum switch senses pressure in the firebox and exhaust flue vent pipe. Once pressure has established during start-up this switch will lock in allowing power to the auger motor. If there are air losses or air blockages in the stove or vent, this switch will trip shutting off power to the auger motor. It's important to check your vacuum switch tubing and to replace when it's brittle, cracked, or impaired in anyway. Follow along with our videos below to learn more about these switches and common troubleshooting techniques.

We are expanding our replacement parts for Pleasant Hearth. If you are looking for a control board, switch, or sensor that you cannot find please contact us for order inquires.