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Pleasant Hearth pellet stove replacement motors, blowers, and fans. We offer replacement combustion blower exhaust fan motor kits, convection fan/distribution blowers, and the synchronous auger feed motor.

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The combustion blower, also referred to as the exhaust fan or draft motor, pulls air through the burnpot, up past the heat exchange tubes, down the back fire wall, forcing the emissions out of the flue vent pipe. If you have the Pleasant Hearth PH50PS or PHCAB50PS model, the correct combustion blower replacement will be part numbers 812-3381 and SRV7000-602. If you have the PH35PS or the PHC90 model, the correct replacement combustion blower will be 812-4400. We offer OEM and aftermarket options for both of these combustion blowers. As our combustion blower starts to wear we will generally notice abnormal noises during operation, poor fire quality and/or smoke seeping into the room. It's important to regularly clean your combustion blower. Use compressed air to remove dust and debris from the motor windings, clean accumulated ash from the motor housing and fan paddle impeller, and oil if your motor label indicates that to be done. If you are purchasing one of our combustion motor kits, follow along with our installation video here.

The convection fan, also referred to as the distribution blower or room air fan, circulates room air through the heat exchange tubes, expelling the heated air into the room. Same as our combustion blower, we want to be regularly cleaning this fan to ensure optimal performance and longevity. A dry paint brush and compressed air can work great for cleaning the dust, hair, and debris from the blower impeller wheel and the motor itself. Be sure to check the motor label to see if lubrication is required. As our Pleasant Hearth convection fan wears we may notice noise during operation, less heat circulation into the room, and/or our high limit switch tripping. There are two different style convection fans for Pleasant Hearth. The PHC90 will use blower KS-5020-1052 which is a 'snail style' convection fan, whereas the PH35PS, PH50PS, and PH50CABPS models will use blower SRV7000-659 which is an 'open face' style convection fan. See our general videos below for tips on cleaning and installation.

Pleasant Hearth pellet stove models will use a specialty synchronous 2 RPM auger feed motor. The auger motor churns fuel up the auger shaft, dropping that fuel down the feed chute and into the burnpot. It's good practice to clean any dust off the motor during your routine maintenance. There are safety switches in place that are in line with the auger feed motor; if your auger motor stops working in your stove you can create a test cord for troubleshooting. Generally as this motor wears we will notice inconsistent fuel delivery, abnormal noise, frequent jams, or failure of the motor.