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Hudson River pellet stove fans, blowers, and feed motors. We offer the auger feed motor, combustion blower exhaust fan, and convection fan distribution blower for most Hudson River models.

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We offer the 1 RPM clockwise rotation auger feed motor for Hudson River Chatham, Davenport, Kinderhook, and Westpoint models replacing factory part numbers HRSP 307WP and SPSW1006. The Hudson River Saranac model will use a 1 RPM counter clockwise auger motor with a hole in the shaft, part number HRSP 107s. As the auger motor wears, you will start to notice inconsistencies with rotation cycles, frequent auger jams, and/or noises coming from the motor bearings. If your auger feed motor is not running at all, you can run to direct power to determine if it is a motor failure or one of the safety switches in your Hudson River not allowing the auger motor to run. See our video below on creating a test cord to test your motor direct. When you need to replace your auger motor, see our general installation guide video below.

The Hudson River combustion blower exhaust fan motor pulls air through the burnpot in the firebox, directing the heat past the heat exchange tubes, down the back firewall, forcing the exhaust out of the exhaust vent flue pipe. As our combustion blower wears over time we will notice inconsistent power output affecting our flame and burn efficiency, the motor bearings may start to get noisy during operation, and sometimes if it's not producing enough RPM's, it will trip the vacuum switch not allowing the auger motor to feed fuel. It's important to be regularly cleaning the combustion blower motor windings, fan paddle impeller, and housing area to keep it free from dust, debris, and ash build-up/blockages. We offer the OEM 50-901 combustion blower as well as aftermarket combustion blower kits for Hudson River Chatham, Davenport, and Kinderhook pellet stove models. If you are purchasing one of our blower kits, see our installation video below.

The Hudson River convection fan, also referred to as the distribution blower or room-air motor, circulates air through the heat exchange tubes forcing the heat out into the room. It's important to regularly clean and maintain the convection fan to ensure optimal air flow. Use pressurized air to clean the dust and debris from the motor windings. Compressed air or a dry paint brush can work well to clean the motor impeller fan blades. If your blower uses a gasket seal, make sure it is in-tact when the blower is installed. We offer the 'snail-style' replacement convection fan for the Chatham, Davenport, and Kinderhook models. Please see our general guide video below for installation and cleaning tips.

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