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Hudson River pellet stove control circuit boards, switches, and safety sensors. We offer control/circuit board replacements, high limit switches, low limit switches, and vacuum pressure air switches for Hudson River stove models.

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The circuit board/control board we offer for Hudson River fits the Chatham, Davenport, and Kinderhook models, part numbers 50-1690, 50-1655, and 50-1929. The circuit board essentially controls all aspects and functions of the stove. We recommend cleaning off any dust or debris with compressed air during your annual maintenance and having a surge protector in place to prevent surges or spikes from damaging the control board.

Hudson River pellet stoves will have a low limit switch, a high limit switch, and a vacuum pressure air switch which are all designed as safety features. The Chatham, Davenport, and Kinderhook models will have a ceramic fan temp sensor as the low limit switch. This switch is mounted by the exhaust motor and will lock in the exhaust fan during start-up and shut the exhaust fan down once the stove is cool. The high limit switch is a 200 degree manual reset snap disc. This switch is in line with the auger feed motor and will shut the auger motor down if it trips. Push button to reset the switch once it cools down. The GF55-012, EF-017 vacuum switch is correct for the Chatham, Davenport, and Kinderhook models. The vacuum switch detects pressure inside the exhaust venting and firebox. If there are air loss or air blockage issues, this switch will trip and shut down power to the fuel feed auger. We offer both OEM and aftermarket replacements for all three of these safety switches.

See our helpful videos below for troubleshooting and learning more about how the limit switches and vacuum switches function in your stove.