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Harman pellet and corn stove exterior replacement parts include panels, fire door glass, knobs, hardware, and cleaning tools. Whether it’s a fuel hopper knob, door hinge, replacing a stained glass, or getting a new arrow scraper, we have you covered on all Harman exterior parts.

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  • Harman & Heatilator Arrow Scraper Burnpot Cleaning Tool, OEM

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  • Harman & Heatilator Eco-Choice Burnpot, Firepot Grate Scraper Tool, Aftermarket

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  • Harman Accentra Cast & XXV Glass Hopper Lid, OEM

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  • Sale!

    Harman Stove Door Glass, 9-1/2″ x 13-15/16″, OEM

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  • Harman Accentra Cast & Absolute 43 Door Glass, OEM

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  • Harman Accentra Cast Glass Hopper Lid, Pre-Serial 11340, OEM

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  • Harman Glass Hopper Lid, TC Models, OEM

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  • Harman Advance & Mark I Glass Hopper Lid, OEM

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  • Harman P68 & P35i Mirrored Door Glass W/Gasket, OEM

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  • Harman & Heatilator EcoChoice Swell Latch, Hopper Lid, Aftermarket

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  • Harman Advance & Mark I Center Door Glass W/Gasket, OEM

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  • Harman Glass Fuel Hopper Lid Nylon Washers, 10 Pack, Aftermarket

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  • Harman Accentra 52i & 52i-TC Outside Air Kit, OEM

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  • Harman Stove Flue Tailpipe Exhaust Hub, OEM

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  • Harman Feeder Slide Plate Assembly, OEM

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  • Harman Advance, Accentra, XXV & Mark I Nylon Chain Feeder Tensioner Wheel Cam, OEM

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Many Harman stove models have brackets, hinges, or ball plungers that allow the fuel hopper to lid to open and stay in proper position while loading pellet fuel. If your hopper door is squeaking, not staying open when loading, or not closing correctly, take a look at our Harman hopper parts.

Overtime the front door glass of your Harman stove will accumulate difficult to remove stains and soot patterns. See your fire dance like new again with a replacement tempered glass factory direct from Harman. When cleaning your Harman glass, try dipping a damp paper towel in the ash before wiping down the glass. If you use a glass cleaner, be sure to use a damp paper towel to remove any residue left over. If you need to replace your glass it's important the glass gasket is replaced as well. Our guide video below will walk you through general replacement of the glass gasket.

When it comes time for cleaning, the right tools can make all the difference. The Harman arrow scraper is designed to clean the ash from the heat exchange tubes, while the other end is used to scrape the burnpot. Earth Sense has designed a super scraper specifically for the Harman burnpot. Perfect angle, comfort grip, and hardened tip make and night and day difference in the ease of scraping the burnpot in your Harman. Check out our video below to see the scraper in action along with helpful tips for cleaning.