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Harman pellet and corn stove accessories. Harman offers several accessories for their pellet and corn stoves, fireplace inserts, furnaces, and boiler models. If you have a P35i, P38, P43, PC45, P61, P61A, or P68, check out the stylish gold door, nickel door, and stainless steel door trim kits; most are available in the modern or leaf design style. Complete the look with a classy gold or nickel upper grille louver. Hopper extensions are available for most Harman P-Series models; increase your pellet fuel capacity and enjoy less trips to refill. Many Harman stoves have log set options available to set the ambience of the flame dancing through the logs. Additionally, Harman offers ceramic and slate decorative ash pan tiles for the P-Series line and replacement top tiles for the Harman Advance model. When it comes to cleaning, having the right tools can make all the difference. We carry the Harman arrow scraper for cleaning the heat exchange tubes, Harman super scraper for cleaning the burnpot, and specialty flue brushes for cleaning the ash passageways in select models.

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Harman accessories can compliment your stove transforming it to the centerpiece of your room and home. For the Harman P35i, P38, P43, PC45, P61, P61A, and P68 the gold, nickel, and stainless steel door trim kits truly make your stove shine. Add a gold, nickel, or stainless upper grille louver to highlight, and one of Harman's ceramic or slate decorative ash pan tiles to finish off the look.

For the freestanding Harman P-Series models, hopper extensions are offered increasing your fuel capacity an additional 40-60lbs! Hopper extensions can be ideal for extended burns and less trips to refill.

Several Harman freestanding and insert models will have ceramic log set options which provide an additional esthetic and comforting appeal. Log sets are easy to place in and to remove when needed for cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning your Harman pellet stove and having the right tools to do so will keep your stove running at optimal performance season after season. The Harman arrow scraper tool works great for cleaning the ash from the accordion-style heat exchange tubes. Our Harman burnpot super scraper makes a night and day difference when cleaning the firepot/burnpot grate weldment. Our video below will highlight the benefits of this scraper along with some helpful tips on best ways to clean your burnpot. If you have a Harman Absolute, Accentra Insert, Advance, Invincible, or Mark I model, the flue passageway cleaning brush is a must have to keep your combustion air ports free and clear of ash build-up.

If you have a Harman fireplace insert, the rail kit can save you a significant amount of time and strain when service or maintenance is required.