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Harman Igniters, thermostats, fuses, wire harnesses, power cords, and other specialty electrical parts for Harman pellet and corn stoves. The finned igniter element is the most common used in Harman models, seating inside of a cradle cage assembly. Select Harman models will use a pressure ignition system which operates using an air pump and a specialty designed higher wattage igniter element. Whether you need a replacement igniter or any other specialty electric part for your Harman, we have you covered.

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Most Harman pellet stoves will use the finned style igniter element. We offer both the 120v and 240v finned igniter elements as well as multi-packs for further discounted savings. This igniter element seats inside of a cradle cage which secures the igniter and mounts to the underside of the burnpot/firepot weldment. The super heated air that passes by the igniter element is what causes ignition during start-up mode. For Harman models that have a pressure ignition system, there is an air pump that forces air into the igniter element during start-up. For pressure ignition models it's important to inspect and check the air pump when running into ignition issues. Check out our helpful videos below for replacing the Harman finned igniter, checking the ohms of an igniter element, and common things to look at when there are ignition issues.

When it comes to specialty electrical replacement parts for your Harman stove we have you covered. Whether you need a replacement wall thermostat for your Harman furnace or boiler, wireless thermostat, a simple control board fuse, or a complete wire harness assembly, we stock virtually every part and if we don't have it, we can order it in for you at lighting speed.