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Harman Pellet Stoves have a unique bottom feed system design allowing you to burn any grade of pellet efficiently. There are several variations and options available for Harman auger motors depending on the model and manufacturer date. The Harman combustion blower is available as an OEM or aftermarket option depending on your needs. Both come with a 1 year warranty and are backed by Pellethead tech support. The combustion blower is also known as the exhaust fan or draft motor. The Harman Convection Blower or Room Air Blower is what distributes the heat into your home. It forces air over the heat exchangers in the stove, directing the heated air into your designated area. Depending on the Harman model, there are variances in convection blower designs and replacements.

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The Harman auger motor or fuel feed motor is the gear motor that pushes the pellets from the hopper through the feed system into the burnpot/firepot. Many earlier Harman stoves used a chain-driven feed system, while most of the newer models will use a direct drive feed system.  Additionally, there are variances on RPM, motor style, and motor rotation depending on the Harman model and year. We offer every Harman auger motor for every model made. If your Harman stove is not feeding pellets, it could be a failure of the motor, auger jam, ESP probe, or pressure switch issue due to air loss, air blockage, or a faulty switch.  If you need to replace your auger feed motor in your Harman stove please see our helpful videos below.

Chain Driven Feed System

Direct Drive Feed System

The Harman combustion blower is designed to pull air through the appliance from the air intake snout while forcing the exhaust out of the vent pipe to the exterior of the house. The sign of a bad or failing combustion blower may include noisy bearings, incorrect voltage output, and poor air flow creating a lazy inefficient flame. The below Pellethead video shows how to replace the most common combustion blower used in Harman stoves.

The Harman convection fan or distribution room air blower pushes warm air generated by the fire into the room to heat your house.  If your convection fan is noisy or not pushing air like it used to into your room it may be time to inspect, clean, and/or replace the fan.  There are several different style blowers depending on the Harman model and manufacturer date. Below our Pellethead tech shows how to replace the convection blower in a Harman Accentra Cast Freestanding, Harman XXV, and the Harman P35i.