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Whitfield pellet stove interior and exterior replacement parts. We offer firebox brick board, burnpot/firepot grate weldments, door hardware, feed system hardware, heat exchange baffles, hopper brackets, and damper kits.

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Most Whitfield pellet stoves have fire brick board located on the rear fire walls inside your Whitfield firebox. The brick board is designed to insulate, maximizing the efficiency to the heat exchange tubes as well as acting as a safety barrier in the stove. Over time these brick boards will become brittle or cracked and need to be replaced. Pro-Tip: Always use a soft bristled brush to clean ash off of the brick board. If you don't see the replacement brick board you need, please contact us and we can see about special order!

Depending on your Whitfield model there are variances to the style and type of burnpot/firepot grate weldment. Inspecting and cleaning your burnpot regularly is key to performance and efficiency. The grade of fuel will determine the frequency of cleaning; we always want to make sure the burnpot holes are open, build-up is cleaned out, and that it is seated properly. If you notice any cracks, breaks, or warping on the burnpot we highly recommend replacement before the stove is operated.

Additionally, we offer a number of exterior and interior replacement parts for Whitfield including door hardware, feed system hardware, heat exchange baffles, hopper hinge brackets, control board knobs, and damper kits.