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Whitfield pellet stove igniters and specialty electrical components. We carry replacement igniters/ignition elements, igniter tubing/housing, Fast Fire igniter add-on kits, igniter timer blocks, replacement control board fuses, and wire harnesses for select Whitfield models.

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Whitfield has manufactured many different pellet stove models over the years. Early Whitfield stove models did not have automatic ignition, whereas later models either came with the igniter element or came factory equipped with an igniter receptacle tube to add-on the FastFire ignition kit. For Advantage and Quest stove models that came with the igniter, there will be an igniter timer block that controls the ignition cycle. For later models, such as the Optima's, Profile's, and Traditions, the igniter start-up sequence is built into the circuit board. Whitfield pellet stoves use a 400 watt, 6″ length, threaded igniter element in all of their ignition pellet stove models. When you are experiencing an ignition issue check the simple things first.

  • Igniter fuse – continuity test
  • Ash build-up in the stove/vent – thoroughly clean
  • Door and ashpan gasket sealing tight – inspect and test
  • Burnpot/Firepot – cleaned and seated properly
  • Combustion blower operating correctly – inspect and test

Keep in mind, it's the super heated air that passes by the igniter that is creating ignition. If we have any issues with air loss or air blockage we will have ignition issues. You can check your igniter ohms with a basic multi-meter to determine if it is in proper range.

When it comes time to replace your Whitfield igniter element, make sure your stove is unplugged from the wall, have a good light source, and have the right tools handy. General guide video below on replacing a rear mount ignition element.

We offer select specialty electrical replacement parts for Whitfield pellet stoves including fuses, and wire harnesses. If you can't find what you are looking for contact us. Oftentimes we can order in the part you need lighting fast!