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Iron Strike pellet stove interior and exterior replacement parts. We offer burnpots/firepots, Winslow door assembly, Montage 32FS refractory brick panel, and Winslow fuel hopper cable.

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  • Lennox & Iron Strike Montage 32FS Heat Exchange Scraper Rod, OEM

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  • Lennox & Iron Strike Montage 32FS Refractory Panel, OEM

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  • Pellethead Replacement Iron Strike Grandview and Montlake Woodstove Baffle Kit

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  • Pellethead Replacement Winslow PS40, PI40 & Bella Cast Iron Burnpot, Firepot

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  • Winslow PS40, PI40 & Bella Cast Iron Burnpot, Firepot, OEM

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  • Winslow PS40 & PI40 Complete Door Assembly w/Glass and Gasket

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  • Pellethead Blue Fire Starter Gel – 2 PACK

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  • Iron Strike, Lennox & Whitfield Optima and Montage UltraGrate Burnpot Firepot, OEM

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  • Country, Iron Strike, Lennox Winslow PS40 & PI40 Fuel Hopper Lid Cable Wire, OEM

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Iron Strike interior parts will include the Montage 32FS refractory brick panel, part H7054. This brick board is placed against the rear firewall and provides heat insulation optimizing the efficiency and safety of your Montage. Over time this refractory brick panel will wear down and require replacement. Pro-Tip: Use a soft bristled brush such as a paint brush to remove ash from the panel vs your vacuum cleaner nozzle. The brick panel is made of a soft material and this method of cleaning will ensure the best longevity.

The Montage 32FS model will use the Ultra-Grate burnpot 12158905, and the Bella Cast and Winslow models will use the cast iron burnpot H5856. Inspecting and cleaning your burnpot regularly is key for performance and efficiency. The grade of fuel will determine the frequency of cleaning; we always want to make sure the burnpot holes are open, build-up is cleaned out, and that it is seated properly. If you notice any cracks, breaks, or warping on the burnpot, we highly recommend replacement before the stove is back in operation.

If you have a Winslow pellet stove model we offer the full front firebox door replacement as well as the fuel hopper stop cable. If you can't find the Iron Strike part you are looking for please contact us for order inquiries.