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Lennox pellet stove replacement gaskets. We offer door rope gasket, glass gasket, ash pan gasket, combustion/exhaust motor gasket, convection/distribution fan gasket, and clean out cover gasket. We offer virtually every gasket for every Lennox pellet stove every made!

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All Lennox pellet stoves will use a round style rope gasket for the firebox door. Depending on the model there will be variances in the size gasket needed for replacement. The door gasket seal should be tight all the way around while the unit is in operation. As our door gasket wears it can cause air leakage which will affect our fire, efficiency, and can trip the vacuum switch causing the auger feed motor not to work. Generally speaking, door gasket typically lasts 4-7 seasons before replacement is needed. You can use a dollar bill to do a gasket check. With the stove off, place the dollar bill half in and half out of the door. Close the door and pull on the dollar bill. There should be heavy resistance. Test in multiple places around the door. If any area has light resistance or the dollar bill pulls right through, the door gasket should be replaced. See our helpful guide video below for door gasket replacement tips and tricks.

Lennox glass gasket is a flat tape style fiberglass gasket that creates the seal from the glass to the door frame. Visually inspect this gasket when you are performing your routine maintenance to ensure it is making proper seal. Over time this gasket will get brittle and cause air leaks that will affect the fire and performance of your Lennox pellet stove. When it comes time to replace your glass gasket, please follow along with our installation video below.

The Lennox combustion blower motor will have a round 6″ or 7″ gasket that seals the motor to the motor housing depending on your model. The original is a liotherm ceramic style gasket and we also offer a silicone gasket for better longevity. When you remove your combustion motor for maintenance or service, you must make sure this gasket is in tact. Generally speaking, the liotherm gasket has to be replaced every time the motor is removed, whereas the silicone gasket can generally be re-used. Additionally, your Lennox pellet stove will have a combustion blower housing gasket that goes from the motor housing to the stove manifold. If you are pulling out the full combustion blower exhaust fan assembly, inspect this gasket and replace if there are cracks, breaks, or heavy wear.

The Lennox convection fan, also referred to as the distribution blower motor, will have a mount gasket seal. When pulling out your convection fan for maintenance or service, inspect this gasket and replace if it is no longer making a proper contact or seal.

Select Lennox pellet stove models have an ash pan door that has a gasket seal. If you have an ash pan door seal gasket on your Lennox model, inspect this during your routine maintenance and replace this gasket when it is worn or no longer making a proper seal.

If you have a Winslow PS40 or Winslow PI40, we do offer the small cleanout cover gaskets. If you are looking for a Lennox gasket you can't find, please contact us for order inquires.