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Harman pellet and corn stove gaskets and seals. Depending on your Harman model there will be several gasket seals that over time need to be replaced for safe and proper operation. Inspect your gaskets regularly and replace when there are notable signs of wear, breaks, or inconsistencies in proper sealing. We offer all Harman stove gaskets for the door, glass, hopper lid, hopper throat, ash pan, intake, exhaust hub, combustion blower, and burnpot weldments.

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Visual inspection is a great starting point for determining if your gaskets need replacement. For the fire door, ash door, and hopper lid gaskets you can use a dollar bill, place it half in and half out, close the door, and see how much resistance there is. You can check in multiple places around the door to ensure there is heavy resistance and a tight seal. As these door gaskets wear down, they can have a dramatic effect on the quality and efficiency of the fire as well as a main cause for the vacuum/pressure switch to trip shutting down the fuel feed. On average, Harman door gaskets should be replaced every 4-6 seasons of use. If you're replacing your fire door or glass gasket, please see our guide video below.

Other Harman gaskets such as the combustion blower gasket, exhaust hub gasket, burnpot gasket, and hopper throat gasket should be inspected and replaced when that part is removed for cleaning or replacement. Keeping your gasket seals in check will ultimately provide a safer and more efficient stove year after year.