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VistaFlame pellet stove interior and exterior replacement parts. We offer burnpot liners, auger feed shafts, VF55 agitator stir bar, and damper rods and hardware.

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VistaFlame pellet stove interior and exterior parts will include all replacement firebox items, feed system items, damper hardware, handles, body panels, and motor paddle impellers. If you are unable to find the part you need, please contact us about special order details.

For the VF100 we offer the standard burnpot liner and high ash burnpot liner options. for the VistaFlame VF55 we offer the agitator stir bar with coupling connector. We offer the auger feed shaft for the VF170 and VF55 models. If you have a VF100 or VF170 we carry the replacement damper rod assembly and damper rod set collars.