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Harman gas stove and fireplace pilots, thermocouples, and valves. We currently carry the PSE thermocouple, and the NG SIT valve for select Harman gas stove models. We are expanding our selection of Harman gas stove parts; please contact us for order inquires and requests.

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  • Harman Gas Stove Thermocouple PSE, 3-40-08906, OEM

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  • HHT QuadraFire, Harman, Heat N Glo, Heatilator SIT Gas (NG) Valve, 230-0710, OEM

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We carry the Harman thermocouple for PSE valves, part 3-40-08906. This is the correct thermocouple for Harman BVG models, Clarity 929 B-Vent, Clarity 929 DV, Clarity 828i Insert, Conquest, DVG models, Serenity II (HB35), Serenity III (HB38), and HB39RV gas stove models. We also carry the Harman natural gas (NG) SIT valve, part 230-0710 which is correct for Harman BVG Models, Clarity Inserts, Clarity 929 B Vent, Clarity 929 DV, Clarity 828i Insert, Serenity II (HB35), Serenity III (HB38), HB38TV, HB39RV, and DVG gas stove models.