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Quadra-Fire wood stove and fireplace replacement gasket seals. We offer several gaskets for the firebox door, glass, top plate, flue transition, and transition elbow. We have detailed notes in our listings for gasket types, models, part numbers, and gasket purpose.

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Most Quadra-Fire wood stove models and fireplace inserts will use a round rope gasket for sealing the firebox door to the stove body/frame. It's important to regularly inspect your door gasket to ensure it's making a tight seal all the way around. On average, door gaskets generally require replacement between 4-7 seasons. A great door seal will result in better draft, a more efficient fire, and will prevent smoke leakages into the room. When it comes time to replace your door gasket, follow along with our general guide video.

The glass gasket is just as important as the door gasket and should be inspected regularly as well. Keep your eye out for frays and air gaps and be sure to replace if the glass is ever removed from the door frame. Depending on the Quadra-Fire model, some units will use a flat tape style glass gasket while others will use a rounded gasket. Be sure to check your part number and model to ensure you receive the correct replacement gasket. If you are replacing a tape style gasket you can learn general installation with our video below.

Select Quadra-Fire models will have additional gasket seals. The top plate gasket, flue transition gasket, and elbow transition gasket play a critical role in the safety and performance of the Quadra-Fire Isle Royal, Yosemite, and Cumberland Gap models. Be sure you are inspecting all gasket seals during your routine maintenance and replacing when there are notable signs of fray, wear, or air gaps/air leakage. If you are looking for a gasket you can't find, please contact us.