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Ravelli and EcoTeck interior and exterior replacement parts. Interior part replacements will include burnpots/firepots, heat exchange baffle plates, vermiculite fire wall panels, auger shafts and feed bushings, ash trap doors, and flame traps. Exterior parts for Ravelli and EcoTeck will include remote controls and body panels.

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    Pellethead Replacement Ravelli Pellet Stove Cast Iron Firepot, Burnpot

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  • Pellethead Blue Fire Starter Gel – 2 PACK

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There are many different styles of burnpots, also referred to as the firepot or burn grate, used for Ravelli and EcoTeck depending on the model and manufacturer date. The burnpot is located in the firebox and it is where your fire burns while the stove is in operation. Regularly inspecting and cleaning your burnpot is vital for performance and efficiency and will vary depending on the grade of pellet fuel used and the heat settings you are operating the stove at. Having a great burnpot scraper tool can make a world of difference when you need to remove clinkers or stubborn ash build-up in the burnpot. Check out our super-scraper and point scraper options. Always be sure the burnpot is seated properly if it is removed for cleaning, and be sure to replace your burnpot at first signs of wear, cracks, breaks, or warpage.

Most Ravelli and EcoTeck models will have a flame trap, also referred to as a heat exchange baffle plate. The flame trap is mounted beneath the heat exchange tubes forcing higher efficiency as the heat penetrates the tubes. There are several variations of the flame trap depending on your model and manufacturer date. We suggest replacing when there are signs of wear, cracks, holes, or breaks.

Vermiculate fire wall brick board is used in most Ravelli and EcoTeck models. Vermiculite kits provide firebox insulation maximizing heat output efficiency while also providing a safety barrier to the rear fire wall. It's important to remove and clean these panels, rear fire walls, and ash traps during routine maintenance. Recommended to replace your vermiculite panels when there are signs of heavy wear or breakage.

Interior parts will also include auger feed shafts and feed shaft bushings. As the auger shaft or bushings wear we will often notice increased auger jams, inconsistent fuel delivery, and abnormal noises during operation. Suggested to inspect your auger shaft and auger bushings during your annual maintenance or if you are experiencing any of these issues.

Ravelli and EcoTeck exterior parts will include control board remote controls and body panels.

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